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San Jose, I Got You All Wrong

Hostel Cat in San Jose
I call her Honeypot. She is fat. She was a lovely hostel cat.

SanJose-2I feel bad that I judged a book by its cover. Or in this case, judged a city by the comments that I’ve heard over the past few years.

San Jose, you were exactly what I needed.

We had spent so much time in small towns, I forgot what it was like to be in a bustling city. Sure, San Jose only has 300k people in it but it is lively as all hell.

Never once did I feel threatened walking down the streets.

Have I become a seasoned traveler? Sure, I grasp my bags to my body, and sure, Shaun has a pocket with buttons for his wallet. Pickpockets? No one came even remotely near us.

Children hand fed softly cooing pigeons while church bells echoed through Plaza de la Cultura.


Music floated through the air.

Dare I say it?

I liked San Jose.

San Jose, I got you all wrong. Forgive me.



22 thoughts on “San Jose, I Got You All Wrong”

  1. Yeah, there is definitely too much of the whole “oh, this city is like this or that” going around sometimes. There is only way to find out, right? Go there! Glad you liked it.

    1. @Scott: Yeah, I’m glad I gave it a chance. I think that I’ve tried to do that a lot more in our travels for sure. I think it just was a really nice break from the smaller towns.

  2. We’ve never met anyone who enjoyed San Jose, so I am quite surprised to read you actually enjoyed the city! We really tried to like it, our local Costa Rican hosts took us on a big tour around town, but we just didn’t connect with the city.

    1. @GTG: It is not my favorite city but I think after spending so much time in small itty bitty towns, it was refreshing. I just needed to be around city folk for a bit.

    1. @D: I didn’t mind Madrid and people WERE asking why the hell we chose to spend two weeks there. San Jose wasn’t where I would want to live for my life but it was definitely what we needed.

  3. Yay! I like San Jose too!! We were there years ago (2005ish…?) and San Jose was almost a relief for me. Our trip to Costa Rica was so outdoorsy and I’m such a city girl that San Jose was where I felt most comfortable…haha. Stayed there 3 times during that trip and have absolutely no complaints (though I heard plenty of them).

  4. And this is why I’ll visit just about anywhere at least once! It’s not that I ignore or discount things people say about certain destinations. It’s just that I like to make the judgments for myself whenever possible!

    Glad to hear you were pleasantly surprised by San Jose. That’s always a nice feeling to have when you’re traveling. Definitely better than being disappointed!

    1. @Amanda: I’ve learned to set my expectations low so when I’m pleasantly surprised it rocks my socks off (sadly it is sometimes the best way to approach things).

  5. Beautiful black and white photos that you captured on San Jose. It did reminded me a little bit of old san juan. The busy city with beautiful old building. And yesh you’re super seasoned traveler now. 🙂

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