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Sights of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

San Miguel de Allende

Full of artists, expats, and restaurants, San Miguel de Allende has more than enough to keep you busy. It’s small enough that it can be navigated by foot, however, the occasional bus or cab may be a good idea as there are some crazy hills with worthwhile views/markets at the top.

We stayed with a friend and gave our budget some recharge time after having difficulty leaving Sayulita. While San Miguel de Allende isn’t a cheap city (by Mexican standards), we did manage to keep costs down by frequenting the little shops in our neighborhood. On top of being amazingly delicious and convenient, it’s really hard to stay away from the Tortilleria where we’d get a dozen fresh corn tortillas for $4 pesos (and kickass salsa). We also made sure that our refrigerator was constantly stocked with $10 peso Corona bottles and freshly squeezed orange juice from the lady a few doors down.

Erica and our roommate, Mario, took turns cooking wonderful meals that were paired with unforgettable conversations. Our favorite meals were the barbecue we grilled in the courtyard and the homemade ceviche we chopped as a group.

Even though we’re still recovering from our volcanic sunburns, walking to Centro (downtown) was always an enjoyable experience- especially when rewarded with ice cream, horchata, elote, cervezas, or margaritas.


San Miguel de Allende
The house we stayed at for a week.
Main plaza.
The man who built this had no background in architecture. The mason built it from French postcards that were sent to him.

18 thoughts on “Sights of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico”

  1. Beautiful pictures, how much is a 4 pesos to US dollars? I know a toco is about $2.00 here from Mexico restaurant. Just wondering : )

  2. okay it’s the middle of the night and i’m STARVING now! sounds and looks delish 🙂 i want to eat and drink everything in your pictures, go people watch in that park, dance my ass off, and crash in the gorgeous place you stayed. good stuff!

    1. @Lindsay: Still peeling a wee bit but for the most part we have recovered. San Miguel was super awesome and definitely worth the visit.

  3. You are the perfect person to travel with: fun, funny, gives smart insights, takes fab photos. Shaun had better appreciate. 😉

    1. @Abby: Well, to be honest, I didn’t write this post (and I changed it to Shaun), but I will take credit for the rest of it!

  4. Cheap Coronas, “kick ass salsa” and homemade tortillas, oh how I miss Mexico. Great write up. And the pictures aren’t too shabby either! 🙂 We haven’t been to San Miguel yet, but it definitely sounds like my kind of place.

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