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Texas vs. Argentina: THE BEEF OFF

I’m from Texas - born n’ raised! Hell, I have a massive chest tattoo of the Lone Star, horseshoes, guns, smoke, and our state flower, the yellow rose. If I know anything, it is beef. Yes, we live in Austin, home of the most vegetarians per capita in our grand ol’ state but it is… Continue reading Texas vs. Argentina: THE BEEF OFF

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Video: Tango in San Telmo

If you checked out our Monday's photo essay on San Telmo, then you already know that this is the place to go for your free Sunday tango performance. 😀 There is a big square in the middle of it all - covered with antique vendors of all kinds. Meander your way to the middle. Get… Continue reading Video: Tango in San Telmo

Buenos Aires
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Photo Essay: San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

If you happen to find yourself in Buenos Aires on a Sunday afternoon, definitely head down to San Telmo to check out the Sunday Market. I couldn't help but smile as it reminded me of the quirkiness of south Austin - musicians, antique markets, street art, performances, and the sweet aroma of food filled the… Continue reading Photo Essay: San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Food Porn: Losing Our Argentine Steak Virginity

Man cannot live on bread alone. -Jesus Man cannot live on meat alone. -No one, ever In Argentina, it was my goal to prove that second statement has never been said because it simply isn’t true. Food in Argentina spoiled us. Our first meat-filled engagement took place at La Monumental in Salta and like every… Continue reading Food Porn: Losing Our Argentine Steak Virginity

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Onward to Buenos Aires!

I’ll admit it. It was a little bit scary. Getting onto the plane and realizing we’re heading to the last city of our trip was terrifying. Luckily for us we had a support group of friends already in Buenos Aires awaiting our company. Pacho (you may know him from our Puenting ordeal or in our… Continue reading Onward to Buenos Aires!

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Hangin’ with CloudHead in Salta, Argentina

Besides hanging out with our new adopted family from Salta, Shaun and I got to participate in an awesome project - CloudHead. Noah and Leigh (you may know her as @thefutureisred) run an amazing NGO in Salta that brings people together to create experiences that may otherwise not exist. In this case, they brought in… Continue reading Hangin’ with CloudHead in Salta, Argentina

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Tramspotting: Teleferico in Salta, Argentina

While we did manage to spend most of our time on the outskirts of Salta, one of our must dos was to visit the Teleferico in Salta, Argentina. We are no stranger to trams on this Latin American adventure. I'm a firm believer that you can see a city in a new light when you're… Continue reading Tramspotting: Teleferico in Salta, Argentina

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Homeward Bound

As I write this post we are currently 3 days out of our flight home. As you read this, we fly out TONIGHT. We are homeward bound. No, we are not going to stop traveling. Yes, we still have a LOT of content from our last days in Argentina. I thought I would write something… Continue reading Homeward Bound

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Reflections of Salta

As we approached Salta, Argentina, the more nervous we got. We were in our last country. It is over. Sure we are going to try and enjoy the last of it... but it is over. And while we had been looking forward to visiting our friend Leigh ( and since our last foray at… Continue reading Reflections of Salta