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The Wilds of Costa Rica: A Break from the Tourism


Visiting Costa Rica has been a long time coming. So long, in fact, that we even dedicated over a month of our trip to it before we even arrived. That’s quite a commitment for a trip that had very little planning to begin with.

Bataan-2As we got closer to Costa Rica, we really started getting excited. We had seen the pictures, heard the stories, and done the research but what was the experience going to be like for us? Were our expectations going to be set so high that we wouldn’t see the amazingness before us?

Our initial experience was a month spent in our lovely apartment in Playas del Coco but that wasn’t the Costa Rica we’d imagined. That isn’t to say that we weren’t enjoying ourselves, because we were having a blast. But it felt like something was missing- something that we weren’t able to get with all the tourism infrastructure. We needed to see the wilder side of Costa Rica. And that is exactly what we got with a visit to the property owned by Kim and Barry from DestinationCR near Bataan. This was the Costa Rica we had yearned for.

Instead of standing on our apartment porch watching the rain splash in the pool, we sat on the deck made from nearby trees and watched the rain fall on the forest of green that surrounded us.


Instead of flinging a tiny spider from our hostel room, we removed a tarantula from the kitchen.

Instead of hopping over the streams flowing down the gutters in the streets, we forded the river that snaked through the land.


Instead of coming home to an overweight hostel cat, we were greeted by Stinky and Binky- the resident sloths.

Instead of trying to drown out the sounds of the nearby traffic, we were serenaded to sleep by frogs and geckos.

Instead of keeping our eyes peeled and ignoring the honking of cabs, we closed our eyes and listened to the howler monkeys shrieking from the treetops.

Because of our experiences roaming parts of Costa Rica that are difficult to find on most maps, our high expectations of the country were not met but surpassed.

11 thoughts on “The Wilds of Costa Rica: A Break from the Tourism”

  1. Agree so very poetic… I loved it. Maybe I need to side of Costa Rica, because I was not impressed with it as much as I wanted to be. Don’t get me wrong I still like the country even thought it’s where I was held at gun point… I just feel like maybe I need to see more of it & well one day I will. Love the pictures too…

    1. @Jaime: The super touristy parts were starting to get on my nerves. I’m glad I lived in my little town for a month that wasn’t so bad. I am so glad that Barry and Kim let us experience this with them.

    1. @Ted – We may go back and volunteer at the Jaguar Rescue Center. If we do, we’ll totally check it out. Thanks for the recommendation! 😀

    1. @Amanda – Exotic is a good word for it. You really feel like you’re in the rainforest once you can get away from all the people. Off the beaten path is the best way to explore Costa Rica. ^^

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