Weekend Review: Tieks


I’ve secretly always wanted to be a shoe girl. I get giddy and squeal like a 15 year old girl when I come across a pair that I desperately want.

I’ve just had one issue.

I have wide feet. With the blame shared between genetics and the fact that my entire childhood was spent barefooted, all my dreams of dainty heels go out the window.

Needless to say I was thrilled when ballet shoes came out. They looked a little more promising. But even then I was emerging from nights out with blisters and heels that look like a cheese grater was taken to them (graphic, I know. You should have been there.). So you can imagine my skepticism when I was asked to review Tieks. I had yet to find a pair that tear my feet up but I was willing to give them a try.

…and of course in leopard print. What else?

They arrived in a box that would live up to any girl’s expectation. A swanky, bright, teal box with a pink, glittery flower adorning the top stared back at me as I ripped into the cardboard box.


I took my time. It isn’t everyday that you get a package that is so well put together.

They were so pretty. So pretty…. and leathery. Did I mention that I love leather? So leathery and pretty.

I slipped them onto my feet in a Cinderella daze and surprisingly… THEY FIT. They fit my fat feet! The leather gave way to the massive potatoes known as my feet.

I took them out on the town warily. It took me weeks to recover from the last ballet shoe incident. But they were snug. They didn’t move. They didn’t blister my feet.

I had found my shoe heaven.

I even took them with me to New York. Shaun and I magically fit both of our clothes into 1 small suitcase for the weekend. The Tieks fit into their small black bag (almost like a compression sack) and were stashed away taking little to no space since they fold in half.

Ultimately a girls perfect travel shoe.

I’m already trying to figure out what my next pair will be. Now, these are by no means super cheap but I think they are worth every penny. Snug, flexible, pretty, leather, and fit into tiny spots? Tieks have won a spot in my heart.

Note: They are coming out with a vegan line so all you ladies who aren’t into leather – they are coming out soon!

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Disclosure: I did receive complimentary Tieks but my opinions are my own.

30 thoughts on “Weekend Review: Tieks”

    1. Thank you for the feedback, but I am still wary. I have wide, flat, feet that have been likened to Flinstone feet. In my opinion, your feet really do not look very wide. To be clear, when I walk on the beach you see the entire outline of my foot. I am on the fence, but the price point and the fact that they may not be wide and flat foot friendly has me on the fence.

      1. Hello,
        Due to medication, my narrow feet are very swollen and wide. My normal size was between a 7 ½ and 8, but I had to move up to a size 9. They fit much better. Hope this helps. And yes, they are very comfortable!

  1. Love the review BUT…are they comfortable? I mean you def make some really good points but you don’t talk about comfort. Flats are flats are flats…or are they not? Because if there isn’t a huge difference in comfort compared to any old flat I’m not spending that much. Leather or no.

    1. Kayla,

      Standing in them (from the bottom of your feet’s perspective) are about the same – however there are 2 main differences that sold me on them.

      1. They huge your feet on the sides (elastic band of sorts?) and I haven’t blistered EVER with them.
      2. The sole is separated into two parts – 1 for your ball and 1 for your heel. I found that this added to the flexibility of walking and made that aspect a million times more comfy than regular flats

  2. Yeah it does, thanks! I like that they do look a little baggy on the sides under the elastic so your feet have room to swell a bit. I’m looking for something fashionable and flat for my next Vegas trip.

  3. Hey there – as a fellow cursed girl with very wide feet I’m curious how wide your feet are with them still fitting? I’m doomed with tiny 6.5/7 feet with WW width. Think they’ll work?

      1. HI Erica!!
        I am looking at buying Tieks. I am an 8.5 Wide. I know it says go a size up.. but I am worried that they will be too LONG.
        Do you have any suggestions for me? I called Tieks but they were not helpful in letting me know the LENGTH of the size 9.
        I am tempted to just order the 8 and take my chances. My worry is I live in CANADA and I am already paying $45 for SHIPPING.

        Any suggestions?

    1. Amanda,

      I wear 6.5 shoe but a 6W width. Purchased a 7 and 8 Tieks both were returned, just received a size 9 and you can still see where my toes start but they are the most comfortable. Thinking a size 10 would be too large. I love traveling and thinking these shoes are perfect since they don’t take up much space. So can do a long weekend in London with a shoulder bag as my suitcase.

  4. Word of caution, they do rip and tear. I have two pair (blue and black). One has done fine, the other, stuck in a rainstorm, ripped to shreds in the back leather part and the bottom leather teal rubber pads unstitched from the shoe. I contacted Tieks and they said they cannot repair them. My blue ones are fine, the black ones I cannot even wear anymore.

  5. Hi Erica,

    I too have wide feet and size 6.5/7. Which size did you get? Did it need some breaking in or was it comfortable the 1st time?

  6. I wish I’d had a similar experience! I just ordered them and oh my god, were they comfortable shoes… but they just weren’t quite wide enough and I had to send them back 🙁 I wonder if they would have improved if I’d worn them for a bit? For reference I’m a 9WW. I think they would be perfect for wide, but double wide (no really, they feel like trailers!), not quite 🙁

    1. That is such a shame Tabby! Thank you for commenting to let people know. It is really hard to find information about shoes for people with wide feet!

  7. Hi Erica !!

    Hope you are fine. My name is Ivan and as a result of an accident on one of my feet (I hurt the top of my feet and broke the arch) I am unable to wear close shoes, so I started trying with sandals and flip flops but sometimes they don’t protect alot the feet. So one day my sister lent me a pair of her flats (we wear equivalent shoe size). I wore them for 2 weeks and I discovered that flats were comfortable for my feet. After that as you, I’ve been wearing flats for the past 8 years, hope you don’t mind a guy wear flats for comfort and health reason 😉
    I was looking for a pair of comfortable and good quality flats and your honest and good review about the Tieks flats and taking in count that you’re a girl that was looking for good quality flats, made me to decide to buy a pair, and honestly , despite they are expensive, (I paid full so I am not paid by t Tieks 😉 I found that they are comfortable and good quality flats.I bought in black matte and that color looks great all my men clothes. Maybe in the future when my budget allow me to do it , I will buy and other pairs of Tieks on chesnut or navy blue. This flats had the sturdy soles of a sneaker but they are comfy as slippers so it is a win combination.
    Two questions: does this flats are tight on the big toes the first days of wearing them? do they stretch out a little bit?

    Thanks for your funny & great review

    1. They stretched for me Ivan! I hope they are working for you after wearing them a while.

      If they are comfortable, why not wear them!? GET IT! ROCK THOSE SHOES!

  8. Just got my size 8’s. I am a 7.5 – 8, and I have been texting my girlfriend’s all day giving them updates from having them on.
    They are pressing down so hard on my toes that I have decided they are simply too small. I have never worn a 9, and on all other fronts (comfort, stretch, looks) really not impressed. I don’t feel sturdy when I stand up or walk. I don’t return things so I’m stuck but ask more questions before you order your normal size. I may have missed the part where they say order a full size larger.

    1. I was having the same problem too Jamie, I filled out a form and they sent me a pair of nines at no charge and told me to wear both around for a bit and send back which ever pair I decide aren’t the right fit for me. I just received my nines today so we will see how it goes!

      1. Caitlyn,

        Did they return even if you’ve worn them? I’ve worn mine for the last 4 hours and yeah, they hurt! They are pressing down really hard on my big toes and have given me a blister on my heel. I ordered these in a size 7. I wear everything in a size 7 and have never ordered a size 8 in anything. But I’d be willing to try a size 8. These are the most expensive shoes I’ve ever bought and the most painful I’ve had to break in 🙁 As of right now, I’m really disappointed.

  9. So my feet are actually on the more narrow end of the spectrum. I’m a size 9 and so that’s what I ordered in the vegan series (Brentwood style). I got them and they felt a bit too tight. I requested a size 10 to compare and they are slightly too big. Agh! Really wish they had half sizes. I’m wondering if their flats that aren’t leather don’t stretch as much and maybe I would be better off just going with leather instead in a size 9. Sad!

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