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Photo Essay: Culture in Peru – Traditional Dances

Cuzco Traditional Dance

Have you ever found yourself stumbling upon something so weird and new, bizarre and thought-provoking? The culture in Peru gave us one of those moments.

We found ourselves in one of those experiences in Cusco, Peru by complete serendipity. We had no intention on being there, we just happened to be. We heard the drums, the cheers, and the chanting coming out from a nondescript church near the main market and decided to check it out.

During our inspiring walk through Cuzco we happened across a traditional dance. The name of it? I have no clue. If someone could enlighten us, we would be much appreciated. I didn’t know that over the next hour my eyes would be glued to the dancers with their exotic masks.

Let’s just say we ended up at a church with hoopin’ and hollerin’ guys in crazy colorful masks, carrying dead baby llamas on their backs while whipping the crap out of each other.

Enjoy the pics!

Culture in Peru

Culture in Peru
















What it has to do with Christianity? No clue.

17 thoughts on “Photo Essay: Culture in Peru – Traditional Dances”

  1. These are the best experiences: the most random ones. I remember a few years back in Florence, it was late at night, I was walking with someone I had just met and a kid’s train appeared out of nowhere and stopped in front of us. So naturally, I got on, and found myself in another part of town at a club with locals. One of the best nights ever. Beautiful pictures!

  2. The pictures are beautiful. I just wished that no baby llamas had to be harmed in the making of this festivity.

  3. It looks like a traditional Cusco dance called cápac chuncho, a traditional Andean warrior dance. It is performed in various festivities, often in honor of Virgin Mary or a specific patron saint. A great example of Andean religious syncretism!

    1. Thank you Anna! I was wondering. I was wandering around the internet blind when it came to finding the name of the dance. This is the reason why I decided to travel over going for my Masters – I’ve seen and learned such amazing things. (That and if I went back I would want to go for anthropology, archaeology, or religious studies (because I love the cross over of Catholicism and paganism)).

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