Tram in Istanbul
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Wanderlust Wednesday – Tram in Istanbul

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The tram in Istanbul

For two years I have lived on and off in Turkey, mainly in Ankara. However, I loved to get away and fall in love with Istanbul over and over again. So there I was, in Istanbul with a new camera and an old friend. The tram in Taksim is and has always been a great model for an amazing photo but today was different, today I was different. Today I was intensely happy.

My dear friend was by my side, we just had a delicious coffee and some pastries when we walked through the crowded shopping street of Istanbul. There it was, the sound of the old tram of Istanbul, coming our way. I couldn’t help but wonder how fun it must be to drive a tram like that. People hanging out of the open door, sitting in the heath inside and the driver ringing his bell so the people on the track jumped out of the way. I, of course, was one of them but not before I made this photo that now reflects on this great time of happiness, friendship and all my Turkish adventures. A tram-ride down memory lane.

 Tram in Istanbul

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  1. Beautiful photo 🙂 Love the effect.
    Those trams themselves are attractions in Istanbul, but also in Lisbon, Rio and other places…

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