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Travel Photography – Burning Man at Night

One night we were able to experience the playa by art car, brought to you by the Tiki Fkos camp, and I was overtaken by this sight of Burning Man at night.

I can’t accurately describe what it was like that night. The playa was clear and we had the pleasure of being without a single white out for days – everything was still pristine. We quickly hopped onto an art car with a scary clown face and made our way around… slowly putting. With temperatures dropping near 32F/0C, the night was alive and the sounds of fire carried in the wind. Coming across the scene in the stark cold night was stunning.

Shaun and I huddled for warmth in the corner of the roof of the car, smiles permanently attached to our faces. There were lights, fire, and lasers as far as they eye can see. A soft thump of bass could be heard for miles around.

To think that this community, this city, and these people claim this land as their own is magical all on its own.

burning man at night

Quick tips for Burning Man at night:

1. Have a thick jacket. It may be 100 during the day but it drops near freezing at night.
2. Consider bringing a thermos. It is nice to have warm drinks!
3. Scarves are AWESOME (and versatile!)
4. Find a fire installment and hang out there.
5. Dance to keep warm.

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    1. @Joshy: This was last year. 🙂 I wish we could go this year but I don’t think we could hack the plane tickets back to the US and then somehow ship all our gear out. We should be in the middle of South America by then.

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