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Tupiza, Bolivia Made Me Shout YEEHAW!

…not really but if you look at the pictures below, you can understand why.


Seriously though, do you know how creepy it is to be horseback riding through saguaros and red mountains (like those found near Phoenix vacation rentals) and convincing yourself you aren’t in Arizona?


As we walked onto the dusty ranch, and I shit you not, a dust devil zoomed by. It has been ages since I’ve seen one. I used to play in them as a kid when I lived in El Paso (hey, as a kid growing up in the desert, you have to enjoy the simple things in life – I guess I now know why I had sand pouring out of my shoes every day).


It was only when I looked at our surrounding tour group of 5 Israeli guys trying to get their “noble steeds” to rear that Bolivia was screaming in my face (Israelis are EVERYWHERE!). They were seriously crazy mofos. But if you’re a traveler, you understand.

They even have a jeep tour called the “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” tour. And no, they didn’t do any filming here. I IMDBed it with lightning speed like a good little obsessed internet fangirl.



If you happen to be in the area (it is a dusty, miserable 7 hour ride through the non-paved, barely there road) I HIGHLY suggest the horseback riding tour. The sights are just freaking phenomenal. Like, rub your eyes, I’m in a dream (no, not that dream with Jude Law sweeping you off your feet), but this is surreal I’m in a Western movie dream. (Wow, that was so grammatically incorrect that Shaun is going to cringe or correct it while I’m asleep.)



No, I haven’t learned my lesson about riding horses. Somehow I forget how miserable the last time was every time and I think it is a grand, new idea. On our Volcan Paricutin endeavor, we got sunburnt (this time we brought sunscreen), and the Cuba time, my ass was rubbed completely raw by the saddle (I wore different pants this time!). The only thing that I can’t avoid is the fact my ass and thighs remind me for days after what a horrible idea it was.

Look! Valle de los Machos... Or, PENIS ROCKS!

There was only one thing that I felt was missing in our experience in Tupiza.

I felt a distinct lack of tacos.

Fail Bolivia. You are such a tease.








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10 thoughts on “Tupiza, Bolivia Made Me Shout YEEHAW!”

  1. Wait, are you saying that penises in general rock, or that these penises look like rocks?

    Either way, I’m loving the dust tornado.

    1. @Jimmy: While I do appreciate and thoroughly enjoy the male anatomy 😛 , the rocks are from the Valle de los Machos – (Valley of the… err… machos?) and are shaped like PENI!

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