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Travel planning

We have been back in the United States now for 90 days and in Austin alone for the last 80 or so. While we did intend on spending much of our year discovering our home country, I’ve been going slightly insane sitting at home working and saving money for our next big adventure (later this year and it will be a HUGE post once we hear back from some people). But we have good news peeps, our non-travel hump is over and I can look forward to some good ol’ travel planning!

Here are a few things that we have in store for us over the next 4ish months or so!

Shaun is going to Snowcial at the Heavenly Ski Resort in Tahoe! February 27 – March 2

travel planning
Original photo by Geoff Stearns on flickr

He has been itching to hit the slopes and becomes a sad panda everytime he sees his gear gathering dust in storage. The boy has to get his adrenaline fix and this is how he chooses to do it. Expect videos of Shaun ripping it up and updates about the awesome technology panels from people like the Facebook Data Science Team! Social media and snowboarding? I think it is a match made in heaven.

We are heading to ITB Berlin for one of the biggest travel conferences in the world. March 4-19

travel planning
We’re packing up and heading back to Berlin. We fell in love the first time around and are excited to delve deeper into one of our new favorite cities. After networking and general awesomeness at ITB, expect us to explore the city a bit more intimately. (Which translates to burlesque, rollerderby, skateboarding, bars, and all that jazz!)

We’re flying back home so I can participate in the Dirty Girl Mud Run in Austin, Texas. March 23

Dirty Girl Mud Run I was invited to do this run back in November and after I started my Couch to 5K running training, I’ve become obsessed. I’m always up for helping out various charities and this one will be for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Can we say muddy GoPro for this one? 😀

puerto barrios
Picture by Corrado Scropetta on flickr

Possibly Heading to Guatemala! Late March/Early April

We may be boat sitting for our friends on the Caribbean side of Guatemala. While our plans haven’t been completely hashed out (you know how travel goes), we’re looking forward to some down time for swimming, snorkeling, and pretty drinks with umbrellas in them. We are considering heading up to Belize and back into the Yucatan since we’ll already be down there!

Burning Flipside May 23-27

Burning Flipside 2010
Photo by Ryan Hayes on flickr

I’m not going to say we have given up on Burning Man, but we have mostly given up on Burning Man. After 2010 it has been nearly impossible to get tickets and after the blow that I wouldn’t be able to bring in my 30th year there, I’ve just stopped bothering. Instead we are heading to the Burning Man Regional event – Burning Flipside. With a community of ~2000, this is much more of a grassroots celebration and goes through Memorial Day weekend. Oh, and there is water to swim in and cool down from the heat/take an impromptu shower. My weekends are now devoted to scouring thrift stores and creating amazing costumes!

Road Trip May 28-31

travel planning
We’re crazy and are driving up to Toronto for TBEX 2013. Maybe we will be dropping by Massachusetts to pick up our couple blog partners in crime Beers&Beans?

TBEX Toronto June 1-2

Toronto from above
Photo by Alex 2h30

Remember Keystone? This time we’re not high up in the mountains and may be able to party a bit harder with our blogger kin. These conventions are some of my favorite times of the year where I get to see old and new faces while learning a little something I didn’t know before at the panels.

A GRAND Road Trip: June 3-?

Road in Rural Pennsylvania
Photo by Jonathan on flickr

We’re taking our car and driving wherever we darn well please. I think we are shooting to be back in Austin sometime in July. Do you live on the east coast? Fancy a visit from us? Hit us up! We love to grab beers or crash couches. Most of all we’re leaving our itinerary open to let the almighty travel gods bring adventure our way.

I’m so stoked that our “plan” is comprehensive, exhausting, and freaking EXCITING. And most of all, I still sit in awe every day that we are living our dream, doing the things we want – OUR WAY.

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  1. Looks like you got lots of amazingness coming up soon. Ummm we need to talk because I was planning on road tripping up to Toronto if I ended up going… would be awesome to do it with others and split the cost!!! Ill be home soon (eee so crazy)… we must meet up. Miss both of you.

  2. See you in Toronto, friends! I might take the Megabus up to Toronto since I’m low on money but have lots of time to kill.

  3. It’s great to have such exciting plans ahead 🙂
    I might be going to Berlin too so in this case I hope to finally meet you!

  4. Awesome plans! Good luck with the mud run-really worthwhile cause!!! Oh and I love your photoshop work with Shaun’s face on the snowborder! 😉

  5. Damn. You guys should make an energy drink called OverYonderlust. HOLY CRAP how do you do it????

    And yes, we def. want to come along for the road trip!!! Really looking forward to it. 🙂

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