Festivals in Peru
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Stumbling on Virgin de la Candelaria Celebrations in Puno, Peru

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I swear that there is always a celebration or a holiday no matter where we go in Latin America. I can say without a doubt that these people love to party. There are so many festivals in Peru!

We arrived in Puno, Peru while the the Virgin de la Candelaria celebrations were in full swing, completely by accident. I swear it is like we are just *randomly finding traditional celebrations in Latin America*. I’m not complaining, the colors and energy that can be found here are insane. The parades were going from about 8am to 1am the next morning… and even as the evening came to a close and freezing rain was pelting down on them, they continued.

Festivals in Peru

Did the parades stop? Hell no!

Did the revelers go home? No! They grabbed more beer and an umbrella!

Festivals in Peru

The Virgin de la Candelaria is considered one of the top three biggest celebrations in South America along with Carnaval in Rio and in Oruro (which we attended, post coming soon). Luck has been on our side for sure. And while we would have loved to stay out, the sun at that altitude feels like our skin was melting and Shaun’s delicate, porcelain skin needed to hide out. So enjoy the pictures we have of the parade. It was so beautiful.

*****Please note that these were taken on my point and shoot as any celebration involving water balloons and foam take out my DSLR from seeing the light of day.****

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Puno, PeruVirginDeLaCandelaria-8


Festivals in Peru

Virgin De La Candelaria

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Festivals in Peru

Peruvian Festivals


Parties in Peru

Puno, Peru

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Festivals in Peru

Virgin De La Candelaria Parade

Parade in Peru

Virgin De La Candelaria

20 thoughts on “Stumbling on Virgin de la Candelaria Celebrations in Puno, Peru”

  1. These are great photos! We were in Puno at the beginning of November, and they were celebrating “Puno Day.” Turns out, they celebrate it for like a week before the actual day! So every day, the scene was pretty much the same as above. But we’re like you — we’re not complaining either 😉

  2. Your photographs describe the parade so beautiful! It’s just amazing how each country, city, region, town has their own culture! And how proud they are about celebrating and sharing their tradition.

  3. I love myself a good Latin American parade. The fireworks, the costume, the people, the atmosphere, all makes for an incredible experience. Great photographs!

  4. LOVE the movement and colors in these photos! I never quite get them at parades and such — I need to learn how to move people out of the way lol.

    1. @Abby: Thank you. This has to be one of my favorite Carnaval-esque parades we had been to. Everyone was super laid back and yeah… the colors!

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