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Wake Up Call in Sayulita Mexico

Creative Commons via Jnarin on flickr – THIS PICTURE MAY OR MAY NOT BE RELATED

Though I thought that we loved Puerto Vallarta, nothing could prepare me for how refreshing Sayulita Mexico was.

While it is quite the touristy surfer town, the pace is so much more relaxed and slow. Not to mention, we aren’t swarmed by the people on the beach asking us to buy something from them. Shaun has said “No gracias.” so many times now that he has the accent down perfectly.

The main issue I had with Puerto Vallarta was that it was equivalent to Disneyland. As a kid you totally believe in the magic. Hey – as an adult you do too. The only people who know what really goes on at Disneyland are the people who work there. It isn’t all glitz and glamour. I despised seeing the waitstaff being treated so badly by the tourists.

Back to Sayulita (and can we say tangent?)-

Our first day was quite a doozy. We spent 4 hours walking around town trying to find our hostel that no one knew existed, until eventually we found a different hostel and set up camp there. I am so glad we did find Hostal Amistad because the people who are here are freaking amazing. That night we grabbed a few beers, went to see a live band to dance some of the night away and headed home to call it an early night. We had surfing lessons in the morning and I wanted to make sure I could give it all I got.

Then “it” happened.

Our room is an open air room with 4 beds in it. No walls. No windows. All elements.


Over and over and over again. I jumped out of bed as it sounded like a mob of angry roosters were in our room.

Welcome to 4:30am (or in the case of our second night, sometimes as early as 1:30am).

There aren’t any ear plugs in existence that can save you from the amount of echo there is in the neighborhood on the second story of an open room.

Just sayin’.

Obviously frustrated by my wake up call, I turned to Shaun and stated,

“We’ll, there is nothing like 4:30 cock.”

And I fell back asleep despite the crowing that ensued for the next few HOURS.

And while this has now woken us up several mornings in a row, I still love the atmosphere, beach, and people of Sayulita. Everyone is so friendly and there is always something to do somewhere.

Hey, you can always nap during the day, right?

Our lazy hostel dog, Blanca.

Fresh catch of the day.

Beware, these tacos are addicting.
What it looks like before it is cooked.

I can get used to eating 4 pork tacos and a glass of jamaica for $5.

37 thoughts on “Wake Up Call in Sayulita Mexico”

  1. Ahhh, the joys of Hostel living. It’s great when the stars align, and the location is great, the hostel has a good vibe and there’s many great people to sit around and chat with. How does it feel to be finally living the dream?

    1. @Jason: It feels so good. It has been a week and a half and we have no desire to head home yet. I’m starting to realize it may never come…

    1. @Kristin: I had totally forgotten about that episode! It totally is like that though. I already get terrible sleep but to add roosters on top of that… GOOD GRIEF.

  2. there are two truths to long term travel. 1. There is always a rooster. 2. And a barking dog. But there is nothing like forever not having to get up to go to work and instead being able to nap whenever you freaking want! Cheers!

    1. @Gillian: Funny because there is a small chihuahua that barks all night next door. For some reason I can sleep through that but not the roosters. Speaking of naps… ZzzZzz

  3. It looks beautiful! The dog in the picture reminded me of Barrel. Please send me several of those tacos via airmail asap please.Ok, I am done with this random comment.

  4. Best. Sleep-induced. Statement. Ever!!!! You two make me laugh and i am so interested in hearing about Mexico for my own RTW next year

  5. It’s been ages since I’ve been woken up by a rooster – I think since John and I met in Plakias actually. Love Latin American surfy towns…there’s just something that little more laid back about them.

  6. “Well, there is nothing like 4:30 cock.”

    Ahahaha!!! That got a snicker or two from us. 😛 I hate roosters, to be honest. Kali’s family has one that is obnoxious and wakes us every morning we stay there. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve threatened to make a meal out of it.

  7. Wow .. sounds like a great trip just to walk around the town and explore and see the real town not just only beach. OH , and that’s a real living alarm you got hahah. not like those electronic one.

  8. Hahaha…an experience indeed. And you will be awakened by roosters many times in this trip. It was fun to meet you today, hope you are having a nice bus ride to Guadalajara, and I look forward to reading about your upcomming adventures!

    1. @Fede: Thank you for being so awesome today – even if we had to go to plan F. The ride was nice and the views phenomenal. Thanks a million!

  9. We liked that style wake up call in Laos but it wasn’t until 7am so I can’t talk – do we get to hear about the surfing lesson next???

    1. @ Poi – Oh, the surfing post is coming but it’s gonna be a video so it will probably be up next week. 😀

    1. @ Aaron – We are quickly learning this. The private room we had for the last couple nights was a godsend.

    1. @ Lorna – I think Erica is at her best when she’s sleep-deprived. Though, she’d never admit this. 😉

    1. @ Rebecca – I think that is one of the best things about not having an itinerary. In the past we’d feel guilty if we even slept in late when we had a schedule to follow.

  10. Wow, I’m so glad I stumbled into your blog from Beers and Beans. You guys rock and you left from our sister city. My wife and I will be leaving Portland, OR at the end of the month to travel the US for a while before heading out to see the rest of the world.

    I hope you guys end up traveling longer, that way we’ll get a chance to meet up on the road. We don’t have any plans to settle down any time soon.

    1. @Ro: Welcome to our blog! I LOVE Beth and Randy from Beers and Beans! I bug her often about everything and everything. Portland – I want to visit there so badly! We are trying to work out getting some income on the road. Hopefully our blog will do swimmingly and we will be able to meet you somewhere. Where are you heading out to first (after the US?)?

  11. Funny post about Sayulita. All I can say is earplugs! I can’t travel without earplugs and an eyemask and I wonder how I ever slept without them. I LOVE Sayulita and plan to move there soon (yay me) but the roosters start ridiculously early don’t they? I wonder if you ever get used to them. I notice when I get back from a trip to Sayulita it seems so q u i e t back home.

    One thing I don’t get about your trip…no beach vendors? They were swarming the beach when I was there in late May…when were you there? They for sure exist in Sayulita – by the dozens, and can get a bit annoying. Anyway, enjoyed your blog and happy travels!

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