Pioneer Plaza in Dallas
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Wanderlust Wednesday – Dallas

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Did you ever see Dallas from a DC-9 at night?
Well Dallas is a jewel, oh yeah, Dallas is a beautiful sight.

And Dallas is a jungle but Dallas gives a beautiful light.
Did you ever see Dallas from a DC-9 at night?
-Jimmy Dale Gilmore, “Dallas”

Dallas is a jewel that sparkles and shimmers beneath a blazing Texas sun and downtown could be seen as a concrete jungle that glows at sunset, and twinkles during the darkest hours.

When I arrived in Dallas, the first time, I stepped down from the Los Americanos coach with the aid of a hand extended to me, a smile and the greeting, “Welcome to Dallas.”

I entered the arrivals hall, dropped my backpack and leaned against a support column.  It was cool against my already sweating back and I wished I could just remain there, in that spot beneath the air conditioning vent for a week, but there were people to meet, things to see and experiences to be had.

As I exited onto the street, the heat lunged up from the sidewalk and grabbed my breath from me while the sunlight stung my retina.  Blinking hard to gain focus, I walked a few blocks until I stumbled upon Pioneer Plaza – there were trees, shade, a small trail and a little creek.  The sight of all this made me giddy, but then the lighthearted skip in my step stopped.  I couldn’t believe what I was eye-to-eye with.  Steer.  Texas longhorns to be exact and not just one, but easily a dozen.

It’s the largest bronze monument in the world and a work in progress; additional steer are occasionally added to the herd.  My eye followed the herd up the hillside they’re installed along and without a thought to much of anything else, I entered the herd from the nose and walked between the beasts towards the back of the line, running my hands along their snouts, sides and shanks.

The work isn’t brightly colored, there are no signs pointing to it, nothing to advertise the iconic “Western” sculpture’s existence.  Then again, that is the way I’ve found Texas to be; rough and tumble, weather that often only a sadist could enjoy, yet full of sparkling gems for those brave enough to step off the porch and explore.

Pioneer Plaza in Dallas

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10 thoughts on “Wanderlust Wednesday – Dallas”

    1. Dan, Since finding these feral steer, I visit often and have seen/heard kids moo. The sculptures are life-size, so you’ll often hear kids crying from fear as well. *laugh* Gotta take the good with the bad.

  1. Great writing–really gave me a sense of what it must have been like to arrive in Dallas and what it must be like to be in Texas during the super hot months! Funny about the steer. And I love the line, “…weather that only a sadist could enjoy.” 🙂

    1. Lisa, Thanks for the compliment, it’s fantastic when a reader connects with a post. I loved your post on being Blindfolded and Fed Baby Food (priceless travel moment)in Mexico. Btw, my first encounter with Dallas steer was in September – but Texas SIZZLES through Halloween (most years).

  2. Hey guys, thanks a million for the honor of guest posting here.
    Next time you’re in Dallas, be sure to watch out for the feral steer – and if you have time, take the Art Tour via DART. All kinds off gems with a block or two of the tracks.

  3. Maria, when I read your words you make me feel like I’m right there. Excellent storytelling as usual.

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