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Weekend Review: Welcome Hotel Hvammstangi


We arrived in the middle of what was a freak September snowstorm during one of the coldest falls they had on record in 100 years. You can imagine that the smile on my face when we arrived to the very clean and very warm Welcome Hotel Hvammstangi in Hvammstangi, Iceland while we were experiencing gale force winds and torrential rain/sleet.

One of the weird things about traveling in off season is the chance to come across an accommodation that was empty and quiet. We had another couple sleeping in the room across from us and that was it. I guess people were just not into braving a snowstorm to see seals on the shore of Vatnses.

The counter woman/lady/girl was phenomenal. She was incredibly helpful with giving information on tours, weather conditions, and anything you wanted to know about the area. For some reason, people of this caliber can really make or break a business and she made our time there stellar. Attentive and super nice, she also made sure we were fed and ate in the morning with their complimentary breakfast.


One of my favorite things about this hotel is the self serve fancy coffee machine in the lobby. Mochas, cappuccinos, lattes – you name it, this little machine will make your heart swoon. Two cups of coffee later, my insides were just as toasty as my outsides.

This is a really great in between point between you and the elusive seals. Sure, there is only like 500 people in the city but you aren’t here for a vibrant nightlife. You want nature. You want it bad. Why else would you be in northwest Iceland, so close the the Arctic circle?


The room was super clean. I think that European hotels have really set the bar for what I should expect in regards to cleanliness. Welcome Hotel Hvammstangi was no exception. With a blazing radiator we were warm in no time with the blizzard that was brewing outside. The beds were comfortable and even though we did have two twin beds, I was still toasty warm (ask Shaun about how I like to put my freezing cold feet on his very warm body).

If you happen to be traveling around ring road and have a soft spot in your heart for really adorable seals, heading to Hvammstangi to do a day trip (whether it be by boat or by car) is a really great idea if you happen to have the time. In true Icelandic fashion, the people at Welcome Hotel Hvammstangi will make you feel at home.

You really can’t ask for more than that.


Disclosure: We were guests of Welcome Hotel Hvammstangi, however all opinions are our own!

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  1. I think I need that self-serve coffee machine in my house. Cappuccinos for me every morning!

  2. Oh my god. This place looks so adorable! Just looking at it made me chilly. The place reminds me a lot of Sweden and the very basic furniture, etc. I’d love to stay here!

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