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What to do in Buenos Aires

Few cities in the world can match the depth of culture found in Buenos Aires. Whether you’re driven by food, wine, shopping, or art, there is certainly no shortage of experiences waiting to be had. But where to start? Well, you should wander on an empty stomach so lets begin with food and drinks.


Beef and Wine

In Argentina, beef is king and they know how to grill this staple to perfection. If you’re of the carnivorous persuasion, do not miss out on some of the best red meat on the planet. Though, not to be outdone is the wine. Paired with steak or on its own, the wine in Argentina flows, well, like wine. But even more impressive than the amount of wine is the quality. Whether you consider yourself an amateur, enthusiast, or connoisseur, one or several wine tastings should definitely be in order.


Puerto Madero

Situated along the river in the heart of downtown Buenos Aires, Puerto Madero is a neighborhood that boasts some of the most impressive architectural feats and amazing restaurants. A stroll along the waterfront on a beautiful day is hard to top.


Bond Street

On the opposite side of the spectrum is the alternative lifestyle haven known as Bond Street. What appears to have started out as a normal shopping mall, turned into a collection of subculture stores. Every available space is filled with tattoo and piercing parlors; head shops; skate shops; pinup, rockabilly, and goth clothing boutiques; and covered with beautiful graffiti art. While this may not be everyone’s normal cup of tea, it is definitely a sight to see.


La Recoleta

A popular tourist attraction, La Recoleta is a massive cemetery that houses many important Argentine historical figures. Easily the most popular is the former First Lady, Evita. While wandering around a cemetery may be too creepy for some, those who aren’t afraid will be rewarded with beautiful statues and stained glass in one of the most peaceful places in the city.


San Telmo

If you can only visit one place in Buenos Aires, it should be San Telmo on a Sunday. The narrow streets are bustling with life, performances, shops, food, and everything wonderful about Argentina. Be sure to make your way to the main park square to see amazing tango performances that will not disappoint.

The more time you have to explore Argentina, the better. So, now that you know what to do in Buenos Aires, settle in, open up the invaluable Mapa Interactivo internet guide, and start having experiences of a lifetime!

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