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10 Must Follow Instagrammers for Travel

I’m always wondering who to follow on Instagram.

I’m obsessed and I don’t know exactly how it happened. I think I just find joy in perusing the pictures I find. It is no pressure, no holds barred pure awesomeness.

I’ve also been finding myself hoping for certain people to update a little more, just so I can live a little more vicariously.

So I thought I would pick a few of my favorite profiles that I highly suggest following (besides me, OverYonderlust!). They provide me with my daily travel inspiration and when I’m at home (like now). They feed my fat eyeballs with travel food via the gazillion apple products strewn around my house.

So I bring you a rounded top 10 list of who to follow on Instagram in no particular order (Seriously, I can’t rank these guys. They are amazeballs.) and not including the big wigs like Lonely Planet or Nat Geo. If you’re not following them already, get on in it.


Laurence from Finding the Universe not only has wit but his photography blows my mind. His Instragram profile showcases the best of the best and I love stalking peeking at his life online. His usage of color really hits home with how I see things around the world.


Everyone knows this savvy iPhoneographer but just incase you don’t have her on your Instagram list, I would do yourself a favor and do it now. She is constantly surprising me with what you can do with an iPhone and I learn something new every time I pick her brain.


These guys have been a powerhouse in the travel blogging world and their Instagram photos show it. They are beautiful, detailed, and exotic. I always look forward to their updates. Don’t be confused with their other profile they that apparently showcases things from Trader Joes?


They can even make Wisconsin look beautiful (yes, I just said that). Hell, I’ve even considered visiting because of their most recent set of pictures. Great job guys! Feast your eyes on some serenity brought to you by Pete and Dalene.


Turtle! Turtle! Turtle! (I don’t know but it just comes out of my mouth when Michael Turtle is brought up in conversations.) The one thing I will give Michael is that he has the most varied Instagram profile that I follow. You never know what you’re going to get next… and I love it. Also, pay attention to his use of natural lighting – it makes everything seem so ethereal and beautiful.


Bethany has been one of my photography mentors since I stepped foot in the travel blogosphere. You can tell that she is quite a force to be reckoned with as she is a great iPhoneographer as well as producing beautiful pictures from her DSLR. She is another awesome lady that I love asking advice from!


I swear Nellie and Alberto are always on the move because they are always filling my Instagram feed with awe and wonder. I can’t get enough of their pictures from their recent Finland trip. They give me a serious case of itchy feet and we just got back home less than a month ago!


I’ve been following this guy for quite some time (off of Instagram) so you can imagine my delight when I followed him on Instagram. Dustin has such an amazing eye for photography and is always bringing new angles of old things to the table. I’m always interested and inspired.


I do appreciate her tongue in cheek approach to Instagram (check out her most recent bakery picture). Cheeky lady! But really, the colors and angles she uses in her pictures really give a sense of movement. I’m always looking to her for something new and refreshing as she is always one step ahead of the curve.


Normally I get a little peeved with the amount of food people post on their Instagram feeds (sorry guys, I don’t care about what you had for breakfast), but Jodi is definitely a leader when it comes to full frontal food fantasies. 😛 I’m always hungry while looking through her feed (which is killer for the diet) and I’ll continue to indulge in everything she eats online.

Keep in mind that this is only a little peek into who you can follow online to get your travel fix. There are quite a few talented guys and gals out there and if I missed any that you find inspiring, please tell me who is on your “who to follow on Instagram” list. I’m always looking for something new!

49 thoughts on “10 Must Follow Instagrammers for Travel”

  1. Ah, wow! Thanks so much for including me with this wonderful collection of people. Had the pleasure of enjoying ice cream with Dustin recently out in Thailand, and peering through his lens baby, which got me all excited. Keep rocking!

    1. I was peeking at getting a Lens Baby but for some reason I decided against it. After seeing Dustin’s pics, I may have to reconsider… OH THE POSSIBILITIES!

    1. Ted’s pretty happy about it 😉 His extended family is from Wisconsin…and your pics are certainly helping make the case for an overdue trip out east.

  2. Thanks for including me! I seriously pause and go ‘should I put this up? People are going to hate all this food” but then it’s so delicious I really want to share 🙂 Mixing it up with occasional landscapes and urban roosters, of course 😉 Hope you’re both well!

  3. Awesome list and thank you for including me on it!! This is great because I have found a few more people to follow on Instagram. Thanks Erica – great picks!

  4. Ooooh some. Lovely new people to follow thank you!
    I also enjoy @wheresandrew who bounces all over the globe like no one else!

    1. I do as well but thought I would make sure the world knows their IG profiles as well. They are so good. You should get on – not that people need new obsessions.

  5. Thanks so much for including us in this round up with such great company and talent. Your comment reminded me that I really need to delete that other Instagram account…um, mistake. Always forget it’s still there!

  6. Beautiful!! I am still pretty new with Instagram, but I must say that I really enjoy it, as much as I loved Twitter in the beginning.

  7. Oooh, I loved this! Some of these are people I already follow and love, but a couple are new names that I think I’m really going to enjoy.

  8. Solid choices! You are totally right about food pics. Nobody cares what your dinner looks like. Or what your hotel lobby looks like. Those are the two most cliche Instagram pics among travel bloggers. I love finding people who think beyond that.

  9. I think I may have just found you on instagram… if not, i will add you. I follow OffThePath and a few other great travellers. There is an italian iger who posts the most beautiful b&w’s. I wanted to dedicate a post just to him, since his shots are so inspiring and beautiful. I love instagram!! I’m tianapix btw. 😉

  10. I’m really hoping Santa will bring me an iPhone for Christmas so that I can join Instagram world! Feeling lots of photo envy right around now…

  11. I was wondering where all these new followers were coming from (who incidentally were following most of the others included on this list). Very honored to have been included here, thank you very much! I haven’t put together one of these lists but rest assured, you guys would be on it as you’ve got skillz. Happy holidays to you and Santa Shaun – see you on the Gram! 🙂

  12. Ahh, the Instagram. I still haven’t gotten into it that much, as my phone is so painfully slow that loading the app takes forever. Seems like I’m missing out on some great photos on the commute to work that, at present, is being dominated by Donna Summer and Kylie Minogue tracks…

  13. Amazing list of instagram. Anyone who love to explore new destinations and love to travel, these instagram are good way to getting aware of any destinations before visiting there. Thanks for making us aware of such a great list.

  14. Great list! Check out Josh’s work when you have a chance. He just passed 20k followers and I may be a little bias, but I think his shots are amazing!

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