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Weekend Review: Wimdu in Paris


We try to travel with open minds and low expectations, but that just wasn’t possible for Paris. It’s one of those places that we could close our eyes and imagine exactly what it would be like. Fresh baguettes from the local baker, cured meats from the neighborhood butcher, farm to market produce, every scene from Amelie… I think you get the idea.

Not wanting to be disappointed, we started by scouring Wimdu‘s apartment listings. With such a selection, it was easy to find what we were looking for- a quaint little flat away from the city center, but close to the metro, with all the amenities needed to feel like a local.

The people of the neighbor hood wasted no time showing us just how friendly they could be, offering to help us find our apartment as soon as we wandered out of the Simplon metro station. The genial attitudes continued as we were greeted walking past a butcher’s shop and stopped to drool over what would be some of the most delicious rotisserie chicken and potatoes I’ve ever had. When soon arrived at the apartment and I immediately found myself staring up and the beautiful architecture of the old building. I gazed in awe until the door swung open, revealing our landlord- who was even more friendly than his neighbors.

He took us up the stairs as this old building didn’t have an elevator. On our way up to the top floor we began to ask ourselves what we had gotten ourselves in to as well as what we had packed in our backpacks. However, as the days progressed I began to enjoy the lengthy ascent, even though I’d get dizzy if I scaled them with haste.


Though we were tired and breathless at the top, the view from the kitchen window was all the reward we needed.


The decor was comforting with a mix of country-esque woods and metals and the familiar contemporary designs from Ikea- including a rather comfortable futon. It was exactly what a Parisian apartment should be – personal, small, quiet, and oh so delightfully French.

Wimdu Paris-2

Our cheese and wine was served perfectly in the living room looking out at Montemarte and hearing the sounds of Paris.

Wimdu Paris-3

Cooking dinner in the well stocked kitchen you could hear the sounds of neighbors laughing, music in the air, and the occasional rooster (which proved to not be an issue in the morning). Most of all – it was magical when the rain started falling.

Wimdu Paris-1

Though tragedy struck and Erica was bedridden with a terrible cold for most of our time in Paris, our lovely apartment was exactly what she needed to get the most out of our circumstance and a speedy recovery.

Disclosure: We were guests at this apartment thanks to Wimdu, however all opinions are our own.

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  1. My daughter is called Amelie. :)When I say it’s a bit because of the movie my partner disagree. For me it was first time I’ve heard that name but my partner is french so of course for him it wasn’t new. We moved to France a year ago and I love it here. Your lovely pictures say it all. Great blog!


      Thank you for your very kind words and for stopping by the blog! I wish I wasn't so sick when I was in Paris. I can't wait to go back.

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