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Photo Essay: Colorful Antigua, Guatemala

Main plaza in Antigua Guatemala

The general consensus for Antigua is that you love it or you hate it.

Let’s just say that after roaming the city for a while eyeballing the insanely high prices and signs in English, we were happy to have spent our Spanish school experience in Xela.

And while there were more cons than pros (hey, I’m being honest here – for us, at least), the city was alive and vibrant. Even without golden hour the light seemed to be so perfect everywhere we roamed. The market was full of life and colors and I couldn’t help myself but get lost in pictures.

And now on to the colors!

Mercado - Antigua, Guatemala

Watermelon in Market, Antigua

Chicken buses in Antigua, Guatemala

Colorful blankets in Guatemala

16 thoughts on “Photo Essay: Colorful Antigua, Guatemala”

  1. I’d like to go back – I was there when I was 13, and by the end of our trip I was a little bored. I think I’d have a different opinion now, especially since I now speak Spanish. Even at that age though I could recognize how beautiful it was, and I still love the watercolor of the church I have framed in my bedroom in the US.

    1. @Emily: I’m sure you would love it now. Speaking Spanish is definitely a plus – I know I’m much more interested when I have someone to talk to who lives there. I just couldn’t believe the colors!

  2. I usually do not like touristy cities, but I found a wonderful hostel as my home base and just enjoyed walking around taking photos… for 10 days!

    I went to the market every day for fresh fruits and veggies and avoided the expensive restaurants by cooking my own meals which I enjoyed on the rooftop terrace of my hostel.

    I thought I wouldn’t like it, but I definitely learned to give a place a chance before writing it off.

    Great photos!

  3. I was also NOT a fan of Antigua, but you can’t deny it is a pretty city. I just thought it was way too Americanized for trying to go to Central America for an “immersion” experience.

    1. @C&C: I was so turned off by the lack of immersion, which is why I’m so incredibly happy we chose Xela. Beautiful but totally not my place.

    1. @Lindsay: We did know it was going to be cheaper which is one of the big reasons we chose to live there. We had talked to several people prior about what cities they had suggested for schools/living/nightlife/etc.

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