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Photo Friday: Foggy Cedar Key, Florida

There is something haunting about fog. We never really get to see it here in Austin, Texas so when it rolls in I find it to be a special treat. We were working inside of our friends RV when I looked outside to see that Cedar Key was covered in a blanket of white – and it wasn’t snow.

It is times like that when I feel like a true photographer. I quickly grabbed my camera and headed outside barefooted, scared I was going to miss this sacred moment. I climbed onto the dock and started snapping. Everything was warm, wet, and eerily quiet. It was like I had stumbled upon my own little time warp in Cedar Key and the moment was mine.

A huge smile is plastered onto my face as I look into the nothingness.

Yup. My life is awesome.

Cedar Key in the fog

Cedar Key in the fog

Cedar Key in the fog


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  1. Traveling makes me so excited, so basically, I am really glad I came across this blog in particular since I am going to Florida for spring break in a few weeks! Hopefully the weather in Palm Bay is great, anything to escape this winter! I’ve been waiting for this for months so seeing your blog and travels in Florida makes me even more excited.

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