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Cava and Coves in Costa Brava


I had no clue what we had signed up for to be honest.

All I know is that the trip we were taking with Visit Costa Brava had the word “cava” (Spanish champagne) in it and I was all about that.

Morning crept upon us a bit early as somehow we were bitten by the “OMG so many travel bloggers in one place lets party until the sun comes up” syndrome. So in my ornery mood I just couldn’t understand why people made such a big deal out of the Mediterranean. I mean, its just an ocean right? There is no way it can compare to our 6 month stint in the Caribbean.

What I didn’t realize is that you can’t put all beaches/oceans into one watery basket.


We climbed and climbed until we reached the top of a hill overlooking Blanes, Spain. I was concerned about our little school bus making it to the top but apparently I underestimate everything in Spain.


Our day started out wandering around the Marimutra Botanical Garden where we learned exactly how variable the plant life can be in the region. I had no clue that so many plants could be found just in Costa Brava alone.

I went into my embarassing plant photogasm mode.


The one thing that I didn’t expect about the Gardens is that as you round the outside of it, there are STUNNING views.


All of a sudden it clicked.


Costa Brava means “Rugged Coast” and the beauty of the harsh cliffs really stood out.


That and – SERIOUSLY – there was a freaking sailboat in the bay. I felt like I was taking a picture of a postcard. These things actually exist! I feel so lame that it takes me so long to realize exactly how beautiful Earth is!


Oh, and of course there was cava. I don’t care if it was only 10am. This is Spain people!

And there was CAVA.

We hopped on the nearest ferry to another beach in Lloret de Mar.

Little did I realize that, two weeks prior while we were freezing to death in Iceland, that I would also have the opportunity to be a sun baby on the same trip.


I came prepared – bathing suit on and ready to go.

While we only had about half an hour I relished in it. The pebble-y sand squished in between my toes and my heaven was the fact that… I was the skinniest person on that beach in a bikini.

Self Confidence 1 – Reality 0


Although by the end we started to realize that we were famished. We headed into the Hotel Rigat for our buffet with a view.


…and this is where I get super stereotypical American. You put me in front of a buffet, my secondary buffet stomach opens up.


Shrimp, jamon (Spanish ham), salads, casseroles, fresh fruit, mushroomz, paella, curry, soups, ice cream, cookies, cake, and a never ending flow of wine immediately put me into food coma. This was probably the best buffet I had ever experienced – not to mention one with a really amazing view.

How do you beat that?


Our day finished out at the lovely Santa Clotilde Gardens. The architect/landscaper who built this massive garden, Nicolau M. Rubio i TadurΓ­, was a freaking genius. The owner, Doctor Roviralta, even added ramps for his golf cart so he could still meander in his old age but there is an entire staircase dedicated to mermaids. When the fountain is on water sprays in the air and down the steps creating small waterfalls.


That is some serious landscaping.

But more than anything I was in love with the scenery you can catch glimpses of.


We returned to Girona tired and happy. While I am not the biggest fan of gardens, the natural beauty of Costa Brava more than made up for it. The only thing that could have made the day better is if I had a cava fountain with an entire jamon Iberico leg to myself.

But that is just silly. πŸ˜›

Disclosure: We were guests of Visit Costa Brava for this trip however all opinions are my own (and seriously, look at those pictures!!!!).

24 thoughts on “Cava and Coves in Costa Brava”

  1. Ben and I missed this trip, so thanks for letting me experience it vicariously. That picture with the sailboat is my dream image of the Costa Brava – makes me want to dive right in. Right after my glass of cava.

    1. Oh course! It was so hard not to dive in when we were up there. I wanted to be on that boat so badly – with the cava of course. I’m sad that you missed out!

  2. Its so beautiful!! The cliffs and the clear water, dreamy place!!
    And yeah, that landscaping is very hard to beat πŸ™‚

  3. A big deal definitely needs to made about the Mediterranean. I found there to be so much diversity in cuisine and landscapes. I mean, just look at that plate of deliciousness you found.

  4. Stationed in Estartit in the early 80s. Met an English girl there 5 days before I was due to transfer. Two years later we were married and will be celebrating our 29th anniversary this May. Be careful folks, the Costa Brava can have strange effects on a person. We are planning to return in 2014 for our 30th. Can’t wait!!

  5. Gorgeous! Seriously one of my favorite countries, and there’s still so much more (like Costa Brava) I want to see. I’m glad you had a good time!

  6. Wow, that shot of the staircase with the mermaid sculptures is amazing – it’s like stepping into a mythical garden or something. I love how rugged and “natural” the whole region looks.

    1. So many people love the mermaids! It was awesome because I felt like a kid in a magical garden. I’m sure I didn’t even get to see all the special nooks and crannies.

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