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Food Truck Friday: Spartan Pizza

Spartan Pizza -1 food truck park in austin

Shaun and I putted up to the 6th and Waller food truck park on our scooter, nervously eyeing the sky. “We’re done with rain for today!” proclaimed Shaun. I wasn’t so sure. With a quick glance, I noticed that we weren’t in too much trouble heading to Spartan Pizza. This food truck part in Austin had a shaded area.

Spartan Pizza -2 food truck park in austin

This trailer has to be the biggest trailer I’ve ever seen grace the food truck scene, a a vintage 1955 Spartan Imperial Mansion travel trailer – and who can blame them when you have to fit 1200 pound pizza ovens into something so portable? I love how small businesses start with something small that blooms into something so fantastic. Jeremy and Nicole Portwood took their homemade pizzas and brought them to the public. Little did they know they were going to single-handedly fix our rumbling stomachs at the daily 5:30PM pang. I didn’t realize how many trucks aren’t open until later in the night and Spartan was gaining some very serious food points for being open so “early” (AND they DELIVER!).

I will have to say that this truck in particular has to be one of the more economical trucks we have been to. For a 10 inch personal pizza it will set you back $8.50 and for a 14 inch (which could have fed us both), $14.50. But fear not my fellow Food Truck Friday fans – we bought TWO 10 inch pizzas – you know, all in the name of… SCIENCE! How else are we supposed to get the most out of our time there? (And can we say LEFTOVERS?!)

Spartan Pizza food truck park in austin

This is what we ordered:

The Zeus: Roasted garlic olive oil, bacon, fresh spinach, fresh tomato, fresh milk mozzarella
The Agamemnon: Cilantro pesto, chicken tossed w/ Salt Lick bbq sauce, red onion, jalapenos

Spartan Pizza Austin-6

Spartan Pizza food truck park in austin

Depending on who you ask, you will get a different answer on which one we prefer. Shaun was a huge fan of The Zeus, while I was devouring The Agamemnon at an alarming rate. My only beef with the Agamemnon was that the sauce had a more curry flavor than a cilantro pesto/BBQ sauce combo. I rather liked it regardless. Shaun and I both agree that the crust was freaking ROCKIN’. On the thinner side and crispy as all hell, the crust really shined the brightest. While this isn’t my favorite pizza place in town, it was delicious nonetheless.

Score: 4/5
Cost: $19.49
Ordered: 2 10 inch pizzas and a bottle of water
Favorite thing: The Crust
Least favorite thing: The 20 minute wait for the pizza but one would assume it would take a while to make it from scratch.
Type of food: Pizza

Oh, and yes, the odds were stacked against us this day. Not only did we have to hang out for an hour as a torrential downpour hit Austin, but poor Shaun got hit in the eye by bird shit. I kid you not. AND he was wearing sunglasses. The bottle of water purchase was to wash out his eye of bird crap.

Spartan Pizza Austin-5
Spartan Pizza Austin-14Spartan Pizza Austin-13

At least we had some delicious pizza to keep us entertained.

The truck we visited could be found here:

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I’m so sad that we’re almost done with our Food Truck Friday Challenge. I guess we will just have to keep at it even after we run out of a list? 😉

Food Truck Friday food truck park in austin

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