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Diving For Sunken Treasure – Gypsy Punk in Berlin

Gypsy punk Diving For Sunken Treasure Berlin-1

It is hard for me to justify heading out to a show on a weekend night. Coming from Austin, Texas, I thought I had heard it all. I had become incredibly jaded, I didn’t think there was anything new out there for me, and I felt dated in a sea of young twenty somethings when heading out.

Little did I know I would giggle like a 15 year old fangirl when I got to see my friend’s band – Diving For Sunken Treasure – at Kaffee Burger in Berlin. The spark ignited again.

Gypsy punk Diving For Sunken Treasure Berlin-29

We walked in a bit early and I could tell this place had character. The vibe was fantastic. With cheap German beer in hand, I could tell it was going to be a great night. Before we knew it it was PACKED with people shoulder to shoulder – and all sorts of people at that! Punk rock kids, hipsters, hippies, general populace… (don’t ask me where we fit in there)

And with the first chord the crowd went nuts. Screams, cheers, and whistles were heard while everyone broke into dance. A huge smile came across my face.

This… THIS is what I’ve been waiting for.

My trigger finger went crazy and I took a bazillion photos. They had charisma. They had talent. It was really REALLY good.

I wish I could take them back with me to Austin and showcase them at SXSW.

I wanted the world to hear them.

So I’m doing what I can do and sharing the love.

I found my heart in Berlin. I hope you can see why.

Enjoy some pics from the show and play the following YouTube video to get some moody awesomeness flowin’. 😀

Gypsy punk Diving For Sunken Treasure Berlin-19

Gypsy punk Diving For Sunken Treasure Berlin-11Diving For Sunken Treasure Berlin-10

Gypsy punk Diving For Sunken Treasure Berlin-6

Gypsy punk Diving For Sunken Treasure Berlin-8

live music Berlin Diving For Sunken Treasure Berlin-22

bands in Berlin Diving For Sunken Treasure Berlin-26Gypsy Punk Diving For Sunken Treasure Berlin-25

Punk bands berlin Diving For Sunken Treasure Berlin-23

…and while the bottom video is not normally what they sound like, I’m kinda obsessed.

Diving For Sunken Treasure:
Album Download

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BASTI! xoxo Thanks for inviting us to your show it was AWESOME!

18 thoughts on “Diving For Sunken Treasure – Gypsy Punk in Berlin”

  1. definitely representative of berlin culture, a mix of everything: old new sober drunk hippy punk young crazy smart dapper rolled into a punk rock show at a unique grandpa chic smokey bar. running out of adjectives. lovely shots!

  2. Amazing shots! and i like their music. I’m pretty aware that artists/bands don’t like being compared with other bands so I won’t,.. I can’t think of any band with close music genre as they have anyway, except for Gogol Bordello.

    1. HAHA! I know. I’ve seen Gogol two times now – these guys are a bit different. Completely different energy on stage but still a whole bunch of fun.

    1. I think it is that I was just SUPER bored with everything out there. Thank God for the internet so I can keep up with smaller bands like this. <3

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