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Photo Friday: HDR Church in Reykjavik Iceland

One of my favorite things about Iceland: Reykjavik and the unique architecture found around town. Hallgrímskirkja (a Lutheran church) is a must see when making your way around Reykjavik. It was designed to reflect the nature of Iceland – namely the basalt lava flows that you can see in various waterfalls around Iceland.

A stoic statue of Leif Ericson, the first Viking explorer of Iceland (the son of Eric the Red – the founder of Greenland!) can be found in front. Have patience since this is a major tourist stop and people routinely walk into your shots!

(If I had any say in my statue it would be me holding up a thumbs up sign or doing a little dance.)



6 thoughts on “Photo Friday: HDR Church in Reykjavik Iceland”

  1. Cool shots. One of my architecture professors spent quite a long time in Iceland before coming to teach at the University of Oregon, and she shared the most fascinating lectures on the links between building construction and style and the geological setting of the culture. I’ve wanted to visit ever since…

  2. Neat shots! You’re totally right about being patient with the other tourists… I finally gave up and just got shot with people in it or worked them out of the shot. LOL Makes me want to go back!


    1. I had to calm myself down once because people kept walking in front of my shot with their cameras in their faces. I wanted to scream. Luckily a small window opened up!

  3. Great shots Erica. Learning about Leif back in Junior High began a lifelong obsession with the horned race. You were lucky you managed to get the shots you did. I’ve passed this statue 4 times on my visits to Reykjavik and never managed to capture the big guy alone 🙂

    1. Thanks! Even with my shots I wasn’t able to get him alone!

      My dad was obsessed over Nordic history for a while so I had to get a good picture for him!

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