India: Our Bucket List

Jack Canary Special Collection Photo
Jack Canary Special Collection Photo by San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives, on Flickr

Like most travelers, we dream about experiencing as much of the world as possible. But it’s a big world with a lot to see. So, to give us some guidance on where to start we made a bucket list of locations and events that we are most excited about.

Because our list is just a hundred items, only a small percentage of the world’s countries were included. Fewer still had multiple showings. But India is one of special cases that found its way to more than one spot.

Although, as we begin to plan this adventure, we’re reminded of other things that didn’t quite make the bucket list but we’re still really stoked about. One such example is Diwali, the five day festival that marks the start of the Hindu New Year. With the beautiful lights and fireworks paired with the happiness and excitement that comes along with it, it’s clear why Diwali was close to making the cut.

And for this endeavor, the journey also plays a huge part of the trip. Ever since first seeing the massive Fly Emirates display at the WTM travel convention in London, we’ve dreamt of the day that experience how amazing it would be to join them on an international flight. And to be able to fly to India with Fly Emirates would be the perfect start to this experience.

But the real bucket list items await us on the ground. The first being, of course, the Taj Mahal. As one of the most famous buildings in the world, this oddly romantic mausoleum had to make our list. With the architecture, history, and beauty of this landmark, I’m sure it won’t have any issue living up to our expectations.

Only slightly less famous is the other item on our bucket list- celebrating Holi in India. Often referred to as the “Festival of Colors”, this two day spring festival is known for the colorful powders that celebrants throw at each other. If you join in on the celebrations, be prepared to be transformed into a beautiful mess of color. And if this festival is at all similar to the other colorful celebrations that we’ve participated in, such as the Cartagena independence craziness, it will be unforgettable.

And while we always get a little sad after returning home from a trip, at least we know we’ve crossed another couple items off our bucket list and can start planning the next adventure.
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