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My Untamed Americas

Our year in Latin America almost seems like a dream. You know, those moments where you look around at your mundane day to day and still can’t believe that those things are out there?

There is this really awesome series premiering on National Geographic channel this Sunday and Monday (June 10/11) at 9p EST  – just around that – Untamed Americas. Each show is about the unique, stunning, raw amazingness that is found in the Americas (and all of it – not just the US of America).

Shaun and I always had a kinda of “contest” running. Which country that we visited was the most stunning? First it was Guatemala with their clouds entering Xela every morning, then it was Costa Rica (no explanation there!), then Peru (with their deserts and crazy mountains), leading us to our final answer – there is nothing more striking in the world (that we have seen) than Bolivia.

THAT is my Untamed Americas.

Not only do you visit a country that is vastly ignored on many people’s lists but the sights are just incredible. I became enamored with nature. We really are living on an exquisite planet.

So here are a couple of things (out of the bazillion Bolivia posts I did) that just made me go WOW.

The Bolivian Amazon

Whether it be the spectacular sunsets or the amazing wildlife, this was one of my favorite experiences on the trip.

Geographic Channel

Geographic Channel1

And even after I got nipped by one of these guys, I still thought the experience was MAGICAL!

AND it just so happens that one of the episodes are about these guys!


And the night sounds are unbelievable.

The World’s Most Dangerous Road

Starting at the top of snowcapped mountains and ending in the rainforest, this 60km/40mile ride takes your breath away (literally!).

The Uyuni Salt Flats

Nothing prepares you for the stark, blinding environment that you find yourself on. Sometimes you have to ask yourself – am I even on Earth? It is just so strange, alien, and downright unbelievable.


Geographic Channel

Geographic Channel


So check out the series – I know I’m going to be scrambling to find friends with a DVR or cable (hey, I’m a backpacker!).

Also, they are running a photo contest and an Instagram contest – make sure to enter. If you live in the States like I do, remember that the Americas are a part of your backyard. Get clickin’! 😀

Disclosure: No, I didn’t get paid to write this. Yes, NatGeo contacted me but I wouldn’t have suggested it if I truly didn’t believe it looks like a fascinating show.

14 thoughts on “My Untamed Americas”

  1. And this is why South America is my favourite continent ever. This diversity is amazing. I love your photos of the salt flats. Which time of the year did you go? Does it always look like a mirror there or is that only during the rainy season?

    1. Hey Tammy!

      It only is reflective during rainy season (which is a mixed time to travel). There were many things we couldn’t experience due to the rain – and REALLY cool things we couldn’t see otherwise. 🙂

  2. You would think the pink dolphin would try and head out to sea but it seems content enough in the mucky water! Love your photos. Places like this are the type that we will look back on when we are old and frail. Think of the number of people who refuse to leave their armchair and they miss out in a way they will never realise

    1. I think they can only survive in fresh water now. Crazy right?

      I’m just glad I got to see the Amazon before anything happens to it. So phenomenal.

  3. Wait, a dolphin nipped you? Dolphins nip?! There go all my dreams of swimming with dolphins, the cheeky little animals…

  4. Erica, that’s awesome! I’m not sure we’ll be able to get it here in Germany b/c too many things like that are blocked, but congrats on being featured!

  5. Congratulations, you have just single-handedly added Bolivia to the list of places I absolutely MUST visit in the future. Looks amazing! We’ve seen a decent portion of Latin America in the last few years, from the Riviera Maya, Costa Rica and Panama to Colombia, Ecuador and the Peruvian Amazon. But it seems like the more of it we see, the more we discover that we need to see. Oh, and BTW, TOTALLY jealous of your Amazonian Dolphin shot– all we got to see were their pink backs!

  6. Been to Uyuni a couple of years ago, one of the best things I’ve ever done, next stop must be the Amazon! How such completely different places can be found within the same country? Definitely only in South America…

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