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Photo Friday: HDR Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Because I couldn’t help myself during our tours with Walks of Italy, I had to take a moment to capture the Colosseum in HDR. This place is so epic that it needed a bit more with the processing of the photo. Sure it is a a bit surreal but when you walk through the halls where the gladiators walked, surreal isn’t even the proper word for it all. 🙂


Colosseum Bottom Floor

Colosseum Top Floor

5 thoughts on “Photo Friday: HDR Colosseum in Rome, Italy”

    1. RIGHT?! It’s super bloody past yet it is still stunning! I wish I could have seen it with the shade structures and everything. What a beaut!

  1. Even today the Colosseum remains such an imposing building standing against Rome’s skyline. The photos really gives an idea of just how huge this building is.

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