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Video: Tango in San Telmo

Tango in San Telmo

If you checked out our Monday’s photo essay on San Telmo, then you already know that this is the place to go for your free Sunday tango performance. 😀 There is a big square in the middle of it all – covered with antique vendors of all kinds. Meander your way to the middle. Get there early because it gets PACKED. I loved watching the dancers duct tape the linoleum to the concrete to create a perfect on the go dance floor.

I did get a chance to record a fair bit of it and I can’t help but watch in awe. Their fancy footwork puts me to shame (not that I ever claimed to be a good dancer – you should see how klutzy I am). There passion is contagious. For a quick moment, I fell in love with Argentina – and that says a lot.

Enjoy! It is definitely worth the watch.

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