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Sittin’ Pretty in the Sidecar – Motorbiking around Barcelona Tour


There they sat in all their shiny glory – Soviet style motorbikes that made me swoon – just waiting for us to hop on for our motorbike and side car tour around Barcelona.

Did I mention that I have a small obsession with everything vintage? Shaun and I have already looked into the logistics of buying a motorcycle and sidecar to go around Asia.

There was only one small problem. Who was going to ride on the back of the actual motorcycle and who had the pleasure of riding in the sidecar during our Barcelona tour? Not that there was much of an argument with my camera and me – I quickly hopped into the sidecar while Shaun got to ride a little up and close with our waaaaay too attractive guide (and owner of the company), Joao.

I got the best view… of the city that is. *cough*


With our helmets and microphones we were set and ready to go. But to be honest, there is just no way on earth that one can look sexy while in these helmets… not that I was trying to impress anyone. The bikes are quite the head turner though.


We zoomed out of the Barcelona Sants Station, around Plaza de Espana, and took a quick pit stop at the Olympic stadium. It had been built in 1929 and not used until 1992 due to the fact that the Spanish Civil war broke out (WOMP WOMP).




We putt-putted up a hill (we stalled a few times. :P) to see the gorgeous views of the cruise terminal and bay. Oh how I wished with every bone on my body that I could have been sailing on one of the catamarans heading out to the Mediterranean. Sure Shaun would be sick and clinging for life on the side of the boat but I would have a grand time sipping cava, right?



We zipped past small, local neighborhoods where artists live.


With Shaun talking nonstop to Joao about cars, motorcycles, and all things mechanical (Shaun used to be a sexy, sexy, oily mechanic), we got an insight not only into the history of the city, but got a bit extra with the bits of car/bike history and Europe.

We zoomed by las Ramblas and another stop lead us to linger on Barceloneta Beach. I could smell the salt in the air and just took in a few moments with the wind in my hair and the unique beach feeling that makes it so special. Kids on longboards skated past us.


Yes. I want to spend a month here in the future. This is for us.


The modernista style that defines so many buildings in Barcelona started popping out to us as Joao gave us a brief history.


Sure we had seen the Sagrada Familia that was close to our HouseTrip apartment but as a huge architecture nerd, Shaun had been dying to see Gaudi’s other works.



With a huge smile plastered on his face, it wasn’t a disappointment.


We arrived safe and sound back at the train station a little disheveled from the wind and helmet but giddy like schoolgirls. I was super surprised with how much I enjoyed the tour. If it wasn’t for the awesome guys over at HouseTrip, we would have missed out on one of the most enjoyable moments of Barcelona.

Have you ever taken a tour that surprised you in the end?

Disclosure: We were guests of HouseTrip however all opinions are our own.

6 thoughts on “Sittin’ Pretty in the Sidecar – Motorbiking around Barcelona Tour”

  1. You must have been excited about all the sidecars in Cuba! Rodolfo loved them and I think secretly wants one for our scooter here, but that would not be a good look.

  2. Brilliant – this is my kind of travel. When I was in India I always thought what a great country it would be for a motorbike trip. It would be a challenge but definitely one worth taking on.

    1. We are really considering buying one and doing Asia via sidecar. Shaun is an avid motorcycle guy and is missing his pretty badly (we sold his for the trip).

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