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Belated 30 in Florence, Italy


Standin’ on your mama’s porch
You told me that you’d wait forever
Oh and when you held my hand
I knew that it was now or never
Those were the best days of my life

Back in the summer of ’69

The drunken frat boys wailed across the stage at a karaoke bar to a crowd of tipsy 20 somethings (if that).


How did we get here again? Oh yeah, Beth and Randy of Beers&Beans wanted to take me out for a belated HEY YOU – YOU TURNED 30! party. I was about to re-celebrate my birthday in Italy. Little did I know that in the future, this song would bring up nostalgic feelings about our time in Florence. Bryan Adams and Florence, Italy as a coupling? Yeah man, that is a little messed up. I don’t even like that song. Now I’m forced to.


The night started out innocently enough. Hell, it was just supposed to be Wednesday wings night at this local expat bar and we were going to head home to work a bit more. But the moment that Randy and I scoped out the menu, we both grinned a knowing grin and ordered a pitcher of the most interestingly named beer – GASOLINE.


Stomachs filled with yummy spicy chicken goodness and feeling fine we meandered into the karaoke bar next door to grab a massive mug of beer.


It was then that the night already started to get a little fuzzy.


I know we headed to a convenience store to grab a few more beers. We spent a little while drinking on the steps of the San Croce church while we heckled the fact that Dante’s statue seemed to be staring at us while participating in blasphemy. Were were going to head to one of the levels of hell for drinking on the steps? Oh well, we’re already here. When in Rome? Or Florence?


After walking the streets (It sounds like we are hookers?), we jauntily cruised into a pub that seemed to be hoppin’ on a weekday night. While conversations had to be held at a yell, we were all getting to near exhaustion point and decided to start our long walk home. Is this what 30 is like? Making sure you cut off your night at a responsible-ish hour?


We ended the night in true party fashion at a donor kebab place. We ate the delicious, sloppy, spicy wraps as if we hadn’t stuffed our faces with fries and wings a few hours later. Like, if you have ever seen Fantastic Mr. Fox, I swear that is how we destroyed those kebabs. No? Then Jurassic Park when the kids saw the giant table of food – sans raptor attack.

We slowly stumbled home. What a motley crew we had to look like.

But you couldn’t make your way home without passing by the Duomo. Sure, it is quite impressive by the day but when you have had a few cold ones, you tend to let your true awe out. I kept yelling, “OMG IT IT HUGE!” and “HOLY CRAP THIS IS AWESOME!” or “IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL.” It was that moment that defines your night as totally awesome.


Damned fools is what we looked like. But at least we have a interest in fine art and architecture.

We were in Florence, being young. And at that point of the night, that is exactly what I needed.

The next morning Randy came stumbling out of their room to greet us. We both squinted at each other in the bright sunlight with the knowing glare and the look of seasick puppies.

What did we get ourselves into last night?

Apparently 2 days of hangover is what.

Happy belated 30th to me.

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  1. Can we go back to Florence? Let’s go back!! Let’s drink more gasoline and celebrate your birthday again! We had so much fun there with you guys!! It wouldn’t have been the same without you. So glad you had a good birthday there!!

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