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Alone in the Sea

What has been one of your favorite moments alone?   There was one night while Shaun and I were sailing from Panama to Colombia and we were far enough out to where we could not see the shoreline. The moon was full and reflecting on the smooth sea while the only thing you heard was… Continue reading Alone in the Sea



I feel like I can finally breathe. Knowing that I can pay my bills, that I have stability in my life - a kind and hot-as-can-be-OMG-he-looks-like-Justin-Timberlake husband, a fantastic community, even better friends, a strong family tie, a perfect apartment, and a pretty amazing life overall. I jokingly not-jokingly always say I’ve reached the point… Continue reading Struggle


Don’t Follow Your Passion, But Always Bring it With You.

Have I ever mentioned how much I suck at snowboarding? I think the better term would be holy-hell-get-that-woman-off-the-slopes - but who is really paying attention? When it comes to physical prowess, I'm not the most graceful person ever (I *literally* cannot stand on one foot). That doesn't keep me from trying to be a badass snowboarder chick… Continue reading Don’t Follow Your Passion, But Always Bring it With You.

Burning Man 2014
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Why I Don’t Have Pictures for Burning Man

I can’t wait to see all your pictures from Burning Man! My Facebook feed was filled with glee and excitement from my readers and friends who were unable to make it home to the the playa this year. Well, my friends, I’m here to tell you that… well… I have no pictures. I have a… Continue reading Why I Don’t Have Pictures for Burning Man

Erica and Shaun are Burners

We’re Back!

I want to give a huge “THANK YOU” to all of you guys who have stood by our side while we took a little hiatus from Over Yonderlust. There was a time when things got so overwhelming, so complicated, and so stressful, that I had to let a few things go to re-prioritize my life… Continue reading We’re Back!


Reintegration Catch 22 – A Flowchart

Yes, I realize that is has been a little quieter ‘round these parts than I would have liked them to be. To be honest, I’m being incredibly selfish with my time, completely surrounding myself with art endeavors and planning all of our Burns for the year. More than anything, I fail at adequately expressing what… Continue reading Reintegration Catch 22 – A Flowchart

Say You're An Artist
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Step 1: Say You’re an Artist – Kingsley the Jellyfish Afterthoughts

At Flipside last year I heard some of the most amazing advice in a really long time. And the main gist was - If you want to do something, own it. If you want to be an artist, say you're an artist and do art. I didn’t realize how profound this statement was until it… Continue reading Step 1: Say You’re an Artist – Kingsley the Jellyfish Afterthoughts

travel friends are like one night stands
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Why Travel Friends are Like One Night Stands

...I didn’t even ask her name. She was a bright, bubbly Aussie (some of my favorite people to party with) with a face that lit up with more freckles than I could count. Her boisterous laugh is what caught me. She was going to be fun. We shared an evening and beers together and when… Continue reading Why Travel Friends are Like One Night Stands

2013 Wrap Up
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2013 Wrap Up: We Were Busy as Hell

Every time I feel like I’m stagnating in my life, I have to remember that this year has been absolutely fabulous - trying as all hell, but fabulous nonetheless. For those of you who have been on the crazy train with us during this past year I would like to give you a wholehearted THANK… Continue reading 2013 Wrap Up: We Were Busy as Hell


Happy Halloween!!

Just wanted to wish all my friends across the world a fabulous Halloween! I realized today that it is the FOURTH Halloween here on Over Yonderlust. I couldn't let the tradition stop now, eh? Happy Halloween from the Belafonte crew! If you're interested in seeing previous year's Halloween posts, here they are in all their… Continue reading Happy Halloween!!


Roadblocks, Firefighters, and Puppies (or Ch-Ch-Changes!)

Believe it or not but blogging is by no means a lucrative business. For a small percentage of people, sure. Us? Not at all. Some use blogging as a platform to pursue other endeavors or transition into different careers. Either we’re horrible brainstormers, have terrible luck, are a bit too “alternative” for what is commonly… Continue reading Roadblocks, Firefighters, and Puppies (or Ch-Ch-Changes!)


Our 9th Wedding Anniversary and a Few Embarrassing Pictures

You heard me right. This is going to be juicy. We are celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary today and why not give you a little present? Enter our EMBARRASSING PICTURES. I mean, you've followed along with us this long - why not reward you a bit? So this is how it goes. Boy meets girl… Continue reading Our 9th Wedding Anniversary and a Few Embarrassing Pictures

Move to Berlin
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5 Reasons We Want to Move to Berlin

The snow crunched under my feet and I giggled as I made my way around in circles all over the freshly fallen snow. The snowflakes hung delicately in the air as Shaun and I precariously balanced ourselves on the ice as we walked towards our friends house, bottle of wine in tow. I smiled. “We… Continue reading 5 Reasons We Want to Move to Berlin

Babies Change Everything
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Coming Home for Baby C

Babies change everything. ...even if they aren’t yours apparently. No, I’m not pregnant. You can stop your frothing at the mouth people. I know quite a few of you are just waiting for an oops to happen. I’m looking at you, Talon. xoxo Everyone kept asking why we were returning home after spending the money… Continue reading Coming Home for Baby C

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Happy New Year 2012!

*standing applause* That is for you guys. Thank you for making 2012 an epic year for us. Without your cheering and lovely comments, we couldn't have accomplished what we have been able to accomplish. We wanted to make sure to give credit where the credit's due. YOU. *raises glass* Thank you for helping us keep… Continue reading Happy New Year 2012!