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Burning Man 2015 – Home Edition – Day 3

Day 3, captains log…

I’m finding my coworkers to be strangely accepting of my costuming in our professional 1 on 1 meeting times. Sure there was a giggle at first, but you would be amazed at how serious one’s meetings can get when discussing synergy in a blue fuzzy monster hat.

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Our party is slowly growing as I’ve someone managed to inspire others to join in on our Burning Man home edition. If you happen to be joining this crazy ride, please include a link to your picture in the comments below. I would love to have your picture along ours in solidarity.

This morning was also brought to you by BREAKFAST BEER. There is nothing quite like cracking open a cold one after rolling out of bed. It is also a staple of my existence at Burning Man. As long as I stay with Lone Star, its mostly water anyway, right?

Day #3 of celebrating #BurningMan at home. How do we start the day? Breakfast beer!!! I have no shame. NO SHAME.

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5 thoughts on “Burning Man 2015 – Home Edition – Day 3”

  1. Yesssss!! I threw a Burning Man party at home with my friends in 2007 when, at the last minute, I wasn’t able to go. It was just one night, but we built our own man and everything and burned him on a river beach while we all wore crazy stuff and had musicians and everything. It was really special and everyone got really into it. This post just reminded me of it… great memories 🙂 Happy Home Burn!

    1. YAY! I had an impromptu burn this last June after Apogaea was cancelled on us – but to me, there is never a bad time for a burn. 🙂

      Happy home burn to you to! This Saturday and Sunday we’re partying and having viewing parties of the actual burns via live feed (and our own burn as well)!

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