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Cholula, Mexico – More Than Just Hot Sauce

Cholula Mexico sunset

One of the suggested day trips in and around Puebla should be checking out Cholula, Mexico. Honestly I went into it somewhat blindly. Rey (our Couchsurfing host) was heading out there and suggested we tag along. I wasn’t about to turn down the suggestion. Surfing with a CS host is kinda like going to a fancy restaurants. When the chef (local) tells you it is good, by God, you better order it.

If you do happen to find yourself there, I highly suggest checking out the Catholic church of Nuestra SeΓ±ora de los Remedios. It is not hard to find – it is the highest point in the city and sits on top of some Mayan ruins and you can see it from the other side of town. This obscene and slightly gaudy church built itself on top of a temple – very PC. You can walk around the ruins before heading up to the top. Also, make sure to clap in the courtyard near the altars. The Mayans built their stairs at a certain angle so that when loud noises are made, the sound of the quetzal bird is bounced back at you. It will blow your mind. I promise. There. I saved you like $10 to avoid having a tour guide. Cheap ass bastard I know.

Even though this was not our first rodeo in the ruins department, I am still blown away by the ingenuity of the Mayans.

Also, on your way up the steep ramp to the top of the church, you can find ladies selling roasted crickets. I swore I would NEVER eat a bug but just record Shaun doing it all for us. I would participate vicariously. Rey, Alfredo, Rene and Shaun popped the crickets into their mouth anticlimactically and stared at me.

Your turn.

They all said.

Peer pressure. Something I apparently fail at. Hell, I ended up jumping off a freaking bridge in Ecuador by the end of the trip. I’m seriously doomed if my group started jumping off cliffs.

Hilarity ensued including Shaun commandeering my camera to get my grossed out faces.

Cricket eating 1Cricket eating 2Cricket eating 3Cricket eating 4

But to be honest, it tasted like chile oil covered peanut shells. Oh, and remember to remove the legs before eating. They are known to get caught in your throat.

Sn HomobonoWhen you reach the top of the church, make sure to pay homage to one of the patron saints, San Homobono. He has a pair of scissors in his right hand. Did I mention that he is the saint for fashion design?

I think all of us need a patron saint like that. Hell, I’m still searching for the mystical saint of blogging and online income? Right?! Right?! HAR HAR. (Now I’m thinking there can actually be one).

Homobono is freaking fabulous. So fabulous I really wanted to find a buy one of those mini replicas you see everywhere just so I can bring one home to my friend/hairdresser supreme. I’ll rub his belly or something before she starts chopping at my hair.

The church is beautiful and totally worth the trip out. Make sure when you are in Puebla, catch one of the cream buses and ask if they are heading to the colonias to get to Cholula. The entire transportation system is privatized in Puebla so no maps, no routes, and well… good luck with that one.

Cholula at sunset

Mayan ruins in Cholula, Mexico

Cacti at the ruins in Cholula

Crickets for sale to eat

Crickets to eat in a bag

Cricket to eat close up

Cholula church view from top
View from the top!

Church in Cholula on ruins

Mural on roof in church in Cholula

Church on ruins in Cholula

Inside the church in Cholula

Roof in church in Cholula

Cross and sunset in Cholula

Sn Homobono - Patron Saint for designers
Saint Homobono – patron saint for designers

26 thoughts on “Cholula, Mexico – More Than Just Hot Sauce”

  1. Oh no! The thought of legs getting stuck in my throat is already making me feel like choking:/
    I think you look great even while eating the cricket. I would easily loose my dignity. πŸ™‚

    Cool San Homobono with the scissors!!!

  2. Hehe, those don’t look like grossed out faces — are you sure you didn’t enjoy that cricket? πŸ˜‰ At least it didn’t taste as horrible as you may imagine. Glad they got you to give one a go O:-)

  3. Ha I agree with Heather – you don’t look toooo grossed out! I really don’t think I could eat one…when I was in Cambodia I travelled with a girl who carried some kind of insect she’d bought at a stall around with her for a few days, trying to get up the courage to eat it. When she finally did I had to convince her to buy a new one – it had started to smell and look even more disgusting. πŸ˜€

    1. @Ayngelina: We are actually in Belize and made a stop through Tikal on the way – we are heading up to Cancun next week-ish to head over to Cuba and then over to Guatemala.

    1. @Patricia: I can’t believe it took me this long to get to Mexico when it was our neighbor to the south. I think I’ll continue to come more than I care to admit.

  4. oh nasty! Can’t believe you did it! Good for you though – I mean where else can you chalk up eating crickets to a full days work?! hahaha….

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