Christmas Lights in Medellin
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Photo Friday: A Serious Christmas Lights in Medellin

Christmas Lights in Medellin

Supposedly Medellin, Colombia is listed as one of the five places in the world that you must see lights. Their display not only costs quite a hefty chunk of change but creates jobs AND they sell the lights to other countries to supplement their yearly changing display. The Christmas lights in Medellin are just fantastic.

I have never seen such an ambitious set of lights in my life. It makes the Trail of Lights in Austin (that has been cancelled for years now) look like a joke!

Families are out until the lights close at 1am and street food vendors line up with goodies like sour mango with salt, pepper, and lime, meat on a stick, candied apples… OH GOD. *drool*


Christmas lights in Medellin

Light display Medellin

Best Christmas light display
Kids playing in the colored fountains.

Colombia Christmas lights

Christmas lights in Medellin

Christmas lights in Colombia

Christmas in Colombia
Weird creepy guy dancing for hours.
Christmas in Medellin
Does YOUR CIA building have a Christmas fountain show? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Things to do in Medellin

World's best Christmas lights display

Lights in Medellin
Some of Shaun’s favs.

Christmas traditions in Colombia

Beautiful Christmas lights

Christmas in Colombia
Our “family” Christmas picture.

Christmas in Medellin

Where to spend Christmas




This installation is MASSIVE. As big as a building. The picture gives it no justice… AND a working clock!


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  1. I would have never thought this would be in Columbia, it looks absolutely amazing! Great photos! I think i’m going to have to add this to my bucket list!

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