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Episode 16 – Momentos: Colombia Video


We’re making this week a video week (we’re making up for lost time due to our stolen camera). We finally left Colombia after spending 6 glorious weeks there (and had only intended on 2). Since we got our replacement camera in Bogota, we are missing quite a bit of our adventures in Colombia but I hope you enjoy the bit we do have! If you’re looking to see what Colombia is really like, this Colombia video will give you a sneak peek into the lives, culture, and scene you can find here.

We look back at Colombia with fondness and fantastic memories. No video will ever be able to live up to the warmth we received, the people we met, and the beauty you can find in this country. What we thought was a dangerous country was one that is striving to rebuild itself from a rough past and is more than welcome to help you on your journeys. Welcome to Colombia.

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    1. @Audrey: Yeah, I have a guilty pleasure for time lapses. The street thingy was half party half lesson. People go there every weekend and learn the dances. What a way to get in shape right?

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