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Essential EDC Packing List

Remember that one time that I thought it was a good idea to go to the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in my early to mid thirties? Wow! Was I in for a surprise when I wasn’t able to hang with the hordes of beautiful young twenty somethings full of PLUR and rave booty (Thank you rave booty!) as far as the eye can see. So if you find yourself attempting to be young at heart, I have some suggestions for you. Here is our essential EDC packing list!

EDC packing list

Things to bring to the fairgrounds:

So not everything will be allowed inside of the gate, but here are some really important things to consider to keep yourself sane, healthy, and comfortable during your partying experience with 400,000 other dance fiends.

A Folding FanProbably the one thing I regret not bringing with me to EDC. When piled shoulder to shoulder with ~50,000 people during the Above & Beyond set, the best gift someone had on hand was the gift of air. Hot nights and overheating is a very real concern. Keep yourself cool with the desert breeze and fan some of your new found friends.

Sealed Chapstick: Because people have been too creative being sneaky, only sealed chapstick is allowed on the fairgrounds. You don’t realize that – even at night – the lack of humidity pulls everything out of you. Save your lips and make sure your kisses are soft. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Camelbak: EDC states you can bring a hydration back with 2 main compartments and one smaller pocket so anything low profile (and not bulky) is helpful to keep you hydrated. Make sure to arrive with the bladder EMPTY or they won’t let you into the fairgrounds. It even comes with a few pockets to put your chapstick and other small items in. Warning: The dry desert air pulls the moisture from your body and you don’t realize how much water your losing (even when not sweating). Even if you go the water bottle route – make sure to stay hydrated!

Bandana: Cheap and light, these will become your sweat moppers and hand dryers.

Ticket, Cash, and ID: Or they won’t let you in. If you’re over 21 and want to purchase overprice booze, make sure to have your ID handy. Which brings me to the next point –

A small wad of toilet paper: With 400,000 people, you can imagine that the portos run out of toilet paper quickly. Lets just hope you only need to pee.

Ear Plugs: Get the GOOD kind and protect your assets (your ears, silly). As someone who used to sit in front of the bass drum of Shaun’s metal band with no ear plugs, you can imagine I deal with my fair share of tinnitus in my 30s. I’m saving you, I promise. When you go and visit Bass Pod and you have 6 20-foot subwoofers surrounding you, you’ll thank me.

Sunglasses: No, I’m serious. I get that you’re heading into EDC as the sun is going down – but have you thought about what you’re going to do when you leave the fairgrounds and the sun is coming up? Sometimes you’re hanging out for a few hours so save your eyeballs and avoid a migraine heading home.

Costumes! The world is your oyster. Come dressed to the nines in all of your blinkies and fuzzies. Warning: If you bring your fuzzy legwarmers, just think about the functionality of your costume and how they tend to soak things up. If you’re cool with rave ooze… well, that’s on you… literally. EW.

Gum: To keep your… jaw busy and your breath minty fresh! Make sure they are individually wrapped or they will make you throw it away.

Party Favors: ‘Nuff said.

A Sense of Humor: It takes about 1.5-2 hours each WAY to get to the racetrack if you’re on the EDC buses (better than sitting in traffic). Make some friends, bring some jams, and enjoy the ride.

Things to keep at your hotel:

When arriving back home in the middle of the day, we recommend treating yourself by having the following available and ready for you when you get home:

Electrolytes: When I’m not downing gatorade, I’m downing electolyte jelly beans. I’m serious. I’m an adult damn it. And these make me feel amazing after a night of dancing.

Icy Hot: Sure your hotel room will smell like an elder raver, but your muscles will really appreciate this. WORTH IT!

Moleskin: Just in case your dancing leads to blisters (which happens to me EVERY TIME), this will save your feet. Make sure to put it on the sensitive spots before heading out for the night.

Advil: Because your head may be thumping (still) when you get home.

Eye Mask: Because IF you’re sleeping, it is going to be during the day. And during the day, the day star can make it really hard to sleep.

These were just a few of the things that we kept saying, “Well, next time we would do X!” (which, I personally doubt there will be a next time, but you get my point) and I wanted to make sure to pass on my wisdom to those of you thinking about heading into the madness. So enjoy the Essential EDC Packing List and more than anything, have a good time!

For more information on what is allowed, please visit the General Festival Guidelines.

5 thoughts on “Essential EDC Packing List”

    1. YES. They are really awesome – especially when you come home and you’re tired of water and need something extra. 🙂

  1. Definitely a great list of raving essentials. I went to EDC the last year it was in LA, and have been a couple times in Vegas. It’s a pretty epic festival, but I think it’s a bit too big for my enjoyment these days. I prefer the smaller camping fests now. But if anyone hasn’t been, I’d say it’s a must!

    1. I have a friend that is doing the camping thing this next year in her RV. I think that is the way to GO – especially when it takes 2 hours to get there in peak times. But I agree – I’m much more into the small festivals these days. I like the community. 🙂

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