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Alone in the Sea

What has been one of your favorite moments alone?
There was one night while Shaun and I were sailing from Panama to Colombia and we were far enough out to where we could not see the shoreline. The moon was full and reflecting on the smooth sea while the only thing you heard was the sound of the ocean moving under the boat.
And even though I was surrounded by a couple of people, we sat in silence. I felt, for the first time in a long time – alone. All I could think about is how tiny I was, how massive the ocean is, how at rest my heart was, and how every sailor in the history of mankind experienced a night like this. I was alone in the sea.

15 thoughts on “Alone in the Sea”

  1. Really lovely piece Erica! There’s definitely something about being near water (and the power that it has) that brings out those feelings of being alone and just a speck in the world.

    1. Thank you! I’ve realized that I don’t need a million pictures and words to make a blog post – so I’m really trying to post more about things I reminisce about. <3 I'm happy to see your face here! :D

      1. I was happy to see a blog post from you – it’s been a while 🙂 Not sure about you, but I’ve been struggling with blogging motivation recently, and the thought of the writing a long post with lots of words and photos just doesn’t do it for me. Short, memorable and to the point is where it’s at!

        1. It is the only way that I can get myself to post – or just pictures, which I also enjoy. That said, I am actually about to post a rather verbose story of how I lost my “groove”. It has just gone through like, 8 rewrites and is a year late.

  2. Sailing the seas? I’m a dry land lover. Being in the middle of the ocean is something that’s a challenge for me to do, even if I’m in the company of friends. But who knows, I might have a change of heart and do it, i’m willing to add it in my bucket list.

  3. Was just thinking about back in the old travel blogger days circa 2010 and thought I’d come and see what you guys were up to. Cool. Keep on rockin’.

    1. AWW! Hey there stranger! Yeah, I will poke my head in occasionally and write but with all my personal projects, I have had much time!

      How are you?

  4. “While being alone in the sea comes across as a frightful experience, it can become a moment of self-reflection. Thank you for sharing your experience, Erica!”

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