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I Moustache You a Question…

Movember 2013-1

Do you celebrate Movember? If so, why?

This year has probably been one of the hardest ones in our lives. Between settling back into a normal routine/reintegration and family health problems, we’ve had to step back a bit and rethink our priorities a bit.

One of the ways we handle emotional responses is to act. What better way to show love than to fight against the cause of the issue? Welcome to our reason for this year’s Movember – we’re honoring Shaun’s dad. We’re raising money to kick cancer’s ass. We’re doing what we can in a situation we have no control over and helping promote men’s health awareness.

I honestly haven’t seen Shaun’s chin since he could grow facial hair. I remember it being a pointy little thing. I honestly have grown quite attached to his new beard phase so going clean shaven is definitely going to be something new.

The night went something like this.

1. Shaun looked in the mirror, stroking his beard, asking, “Am I really about to do this?”

Movember 2013-2Movember 2013-3Movember 2013-4

2. With a quick beer and a toast, he got down to business.

Movember 2013-5

3. Due to his thick beard he had to attack it with a hair shaver first.

Movember 2013-9

4. Shaun took advantage of the moment to experiment with some different styles of facial hair. Trucker? Civil War? Moustachioed man?

Movember 2013-11Movember 2013-19

5. I think he liked the dad-stache a bit much.

Movember 2013-25

6. In a flash it was all gone.

Movember 2013-28

7. The smell of Barbasol enters the room and dad-nostalgia hits us.

Movember 2013-29Movember 2013-33Movember 2013-30

8. He picks his arsenal.

Movember 2013-36Movember 2013-37

9. …and settles on a cute pink razor.

Movember 2013-40

10. It is all over before he knows it.

Movember 2013-43


Movember 2013-45

12. Shaun stares in disbelief. 15 years disappear down the drain.

Movember 2013-46

What isn’t shown was when he goes in for the kiss – one of the weirdest, semi-awkward moments of our relationship. I giggle. Well there is no going back now, eh?

Shaun spends the next 48 hours realizing how much he touches his face and gives me a pissy look in the morning as he explains his night was the equivalent of lying on a velcro pillow.

Most of all, the best moment so far was the anonymous donations we got over the first night. $210… I turn to Shaun. Well, that made it worth it, right?


So now that we’re starting with a clean slate, what kind of mo’ do you think Shaun should grow?


If you’re looking to join a Movember team, please let us know. We would love to have more people representing team Over Yonderlust.

If you’re looking to donate, make sure to head over to Shaun’s Mo-Space at




32 thoughts on “I Moustache You a Question…”

  1. Wow, what a difference, huh? It works both ways… My BF broke his neck a few years back and had to wear a halo which COULD NOT GET WET, so he could only shower form the chest down for 3 months. He grew a serious mountain man beard/mustache combo and I couldn’t get used to it!
    I made a nominal donation (broke ass) to help support your cause!

    1. OH CRAZY! I never thought about the fact that you wouldn’t be able to shave to shower when in that situation. You have an instant lumberjack in your house!

      Also, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! <3 xoxooxoxooxoxoxo Any donation is appreciated, really. Shaun is beaming at the success of his fundraiser and you brought a smile to his non-beardy face.

  2. Wow! I actually think Shaun looks great!

    One of my post-Burning Man Radical Generosity vows to myself was to donate a certain percentage of my measly income every month. You guys just got a portion of it πŸ™‚

    1. HAHA! Now that he has a bit more hair he feels a lot more confident. I’m not sure he will ever do it again. Thank you so much lady! Expect an awesome thank you when we get home from CR. <3 xoxo

  3. Whoa, I’m not used to seeing him clean-shaven! I actually like him with just a ‘stache. Somehow he can pull it off without being a creepster πŸ˜‰

  4. I absolutely love this post! How the heck did I miss this. Now that I can finally grow facial hair, I may have to join next year. If I had to choose just one style, then it’s got to be the Civil War.

  5. I am impressed by your creativity in regard to shaving implements! That’s quite a selection! I think this mustache is going to be fabulous on you.. despite the initial pains of change, you look great during the ‘stache phase of the shaving process!

    1. Thanks Abby. It is about time I do one for myself too – you know, just for shits and giggles. πŸ˜› Did you see Shaun’s moustache at the end?

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