Views from Hong Kong Harbor
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Wanderlust Wednesday – Hong Kong Harbor

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Hong Kong is sensory overload– the lights, the smells, the sounds.

At first the city can be a little intimidating with it’s densely packed streets, fluorescent lights and cultural idiosyncrasies, but that feeling quickly dissolves away as you stand in awe at your surroundings. It’s the epitome of ‘East meets West’ and the perfect introduction to East Asia.

The name Hong Kong directly translates to “fragrant harbor”, so don’t be surprised when you find yourself being drawn to the vibrant harbor downtown.  It is, after all, where Hong Kong’s world-class skyline can be seen.

Said to be one of the best skylines in the world, it’s one of the best places to sit back and fully absorb the culture and beauty of Hong Kong.

Whether you merely sit on the steps at the promenade or jump on a boat to get a closer view, just get out there and spend time taking in the sights and sounds of the harbor.

And as the sun goes down and those lights turn on, shimmering across the water, I guarantee you’ll fall in love.

Views from Hong Kong Harbor

Originally from Chicago, Beth got her first true taste of travel when she studied abroad in Japan. She ended up loving Asia so much, she found herself moving right back and is currently teaching English full-time in Hong Kong. Armed with her camera and a passion for travel, she is currently on a mission to photograph the world– proving that you can work the normal “9-5” and still find time to travel.



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  1. Hong Kong is probably one of the most photogenic cities we’ve ever been to. We loved the way it lights up at night!

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