The Bus to Bogota
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Photo Friday: The Road to Bogota

Did we ever tell you that we are planning to bus all the way down to the southern most tip of Argentina? I have seen some of the most amazing sights just starting out the window. The bus to Bogota changed how we viewed transportation.

Plastered to the window I couldn’t stop snapping. As we headed out of Medellin to Bogota, I saw the most stunning landscapes I had seen in quite a while. They literally took my breath away. The clouds were at my fingertips. The mountains were high, full of life, and lush.

Enjoy the simplicity and wonder of the windy roads of the Andes.

Road to Andes

Bus to Bogota-2

Road to Bogota-3

Road to Bogota-4

Road to Bogota-5

Road to Bogota-6


Bus to Bogota-8

Bus to Bogota-9

Bus to Bogota-10

Bus to Bogota-11

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  1. There is something about a well executed B&W photo. With digitals these days most people take color then photo shop them. The shot with the cattle and the fog in the mountain is beautiful.

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