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Wanderlust Wednesday – Views from Positano, Italy

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I travel to Europe every year, taking in two to three countries at a time. I mixed things up a bit this year by choosing just one country; Italy. I was told that northern Italy is so different from southern Italy that it’s almost like traveling to two different countries.

In reality, I didn’t venture too far north; however, my destinations were very distinct from one another. The trip started in fabulous Rome, followed by a stay in Castellammare di Stabia. This quaint fishing village allowed for quick and easy access to the magnificent coast, where I spent time in Sorrento, Positano, and Amalfi.

Positano picture

In my eyes (and stomach), the city bus ride on the narrow, winding mountain road to the Amalfi Coast was death-defying, but in the end, so worth it. The stunning views of the mountains, water and architecture will be etched in my memory forever.

This photo was taken in Positano, which took my breath away more than any other city. Can you imagine waking up to such an array of lovely pastel colors every day? It was like being in paradise with the beach, sea, mountains, restaurants, and unique shops right at your fingertips.

Italy, in general, should be on everyone’s bucket list, especially the coastline. You have to see it to believe it.

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4 thoughts on “Wanderlust Wednesday – Views from Positano, Italy”

  1. Oh what a view that is, indeed!
    So many landing spots to choose from in that image.
    The pool, the intimate table w/the purple cloth, the street, etc…

  2. Wow Maria! You have an eye for detail. I have never noticed the table with the purple cloth until now. Thanks for pointing it out:)

    Thank you and thank you to Andi as well!


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