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Voodoo Doughnut Put a Spell on Us

Voodoo Doughnut things to do in portland

Consistently listed as one of the “Things to do in Portland”, Voodoo Doughnut was calling our names one early Saturday morning. What better way to start our day than with a healthy dosage of frosting and fried dough at this well-marketed tourist spot?

Voodoo Doughnut things to do in portland

Here are a couple of things you should know before heading out:

1. You will be waiting in line. We were considered lucky with a 30 minute wait.
2. Look up the menu online and know what you are going to order beforehand. Not only is there not a detailed menu listed on the board but you have hordes of impatient people behind you. Make sure to know so you can help the line move along.
3. They are CASH ONLY.
4. There are two locations in Portland, the original being on 22 SW 3rd Avenue.

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5. It is Voodoo Doughnut, not Voodoo Donuts.
6. If you carry the bright pink box around with you during the day, expect to be harassed by everyone or plan on making a whole bunch of new friends. We had everyone from our bus driver to our grocery cashier ask us if we had any extra to share.
7. Order the Bacon Maple Bar, it is really what got them famous… and well, BACON.

Voodoo Doughnut things to do in portland

As we stepped up to the counter the cashier giggled and asked me incredulously, “Are you wearing a shirt with yourself on it?”

I blushed. What the hell is it with me and wearing my Over Yonderlust shirt when I go into donut shops? The last time we went to Gourdough’s Donuts in Austin I had the same thing happen.

“Umm, I swear it is for a good reason, but, ummm…. yes, I am.” I stammered.

Voodoo Doughnut things to do in portland

In my embarrassment I quickly hide behind my lens and started snapping away at the doughnuts. It took a few moments before I realized that he had disappeared, leaving us alone at the cash register. As I peeked into the back of the shop I noticed him furiously adding frosting to a couple of the voodoo doll shaped donuts and then he came trotting back to the front with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen in tow.

“These are for you!” He quickly placed the doughnuts on the counter. I stared at them for a moment and a wave of disbelief hit me.

Portland Voodoo Doughnut-9

Holy bejeezus this guy just made the doughnuts into the likeness of Shaun and I!

…and then I got it.

Voodoo Doughnuts are pretty tasty but I will admit not the best donuts I’ve ever had in my life by any means – but they aren’t really supposed to be. It is all the experience. And Voodoo, you hit it out of the ballpark. You’ve got a lifetime fan.

Portland Voodoo Doughnut-10

Disclosure: We were in Portland due to a collaboration with the fab people at Hostelling International USA. All opinions stated above are mine and we paid for our own donuts. This was part of our own exploration of the city.

18 thoughts on “Voodoo Doughnut Put a Spell on Us”

  1. That’s pretty bad ass! We were in Portland July-Aug and went to Voodoo a few times. The 2nd location (not downtown) had no line at all! And how much did you want the coffin full of doughnuts?!?

    1. Good to know! We didn’t make it to the other one as the closest we got was to Burnside skatepark and no further lol. It was such a rad little place!

  2. OMG that is the most amazing thing I have EVER seen. I want them, I’m sure they’re yummy, I don’t even want to eat them, just to own one… as art. Wow!

          1. You don’t know me that well. That’s a special donut and I still have my Hot Lips pizza punch card… I could get a slice after I pick up the sweets.

  3. Haha I love how he made you your own personalised donuts!
    We were in Portland recently but didn’t go because we were told they weren’t that good… but now I’m kinda wishing we did!

    1. The donuts themselves are okay – like any other donut place. It is the atmosphere that made it awesome. Not to mention they do have some interesting flavor profiles for the other donuts.

  4. this is such a nice concept. can’t wait to get my sweet fix! Especially donuts. They actually look really yummy and really got me hungry! We will definitely put this in our bucket list when we go near West coast.

  5. Oh boy, I didn’t get to try Voodoo doughnuts when we were in Portland earlier this year because the waiting line was HUGE… across the road and all, and I thought people were crazy!
    But i never stop thinking about the bacon maple donuts.. I shall go back one day and feast! They just look SO DAMN GOOD!!

  6. When we were in Portland there was a line outside this place everytime we walked by. I think there are way better yummy food options in Portland though. As you say, the donuts are just normal donuts. The 24 hour aspect is good if you’re arriving at a weird time or jetlagged and hungry in the middle of the night and you’re staying nearby.

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