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Food Truck Friday: Stonehouse Wood Fire Grill

Stonehouse Woodfire Grill-1

People somehow think there is rhyme or reason when it comes to our weekly food truck pickin’s – but I’m here to rock your world and tell you that is not the case. When the hour comes that my stomach becomes vocal, I listen to it. This week, ZsaZsa wanted BURGERS. The rest of my body wanted something that was close to home because it was 30 degrees outside. And I’m lazy. That is why we found the lone Stonehouse Wood Fire Grill out near Anderson and 620.

For the first time ever I was okay with sitting out in the cold (my Latina blood is meant for warmer temperatures) as I was determined to get my grub on come hell or high water (in this case sleet). If it was a warm summer evening this place would have been packed to the brim with people sitting in the picnic tables underneath the umbrellas. This place is BYOB currently so make sure to take advantage of it. The grounds are perfectly manicured with a stage for live music, homemade Connect Four, plywood Jenga, and – of course – WASHERS. We tried to play a bit but I think our hands were getting frostbite trying to toss them into the cup.

Stonehouse Woodfire Grill-2

Note: It is possible to call them ahead of time to pre-order your food. We’re just masochists and I like to check out each food truck as thoroughly as possible. Though, they did very sweetly offer to carry it out to our car so we wouldn’t have to stand in the cold.

Stonehouse Wood Fire Grill

This is what we ordered:

The ATX Burger: Monterey Jack Cheese, Thick Cut Bacon, Sauteed Jalapenos and Onions, Sliced Avocado, Lettuce, Tomato, & Stonehouse Sauce
The Wake-Up Call: Cheddar Cheese, Thick Cut Bacon, Fried Egg, Tomato, Red Onion, Lettuce, & Spiked Mayo
Waffle Fries: Waffle Fries

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Stonehouse Woodfire Grill-5

Stonehouse Woodfire Grill-4
Waffle Fries.

Before I go into the exacts of the hamburgers, I would like to congratulate the Stonehouse Woodfire Grill for getting a SOLID 8/10 on the Shaun and Erica Hamburger Scale (as stated before, we are hamburger snobs). Very few burgers have had the opportunity to be ranked that high and this was not a decision we took lightly. The thing that sold us was the fact that the massive half pound patty was charred perfectly and it reflected the taste of the wood fired grill. I drool a little just thinking about it.

I firmly believe that a perfect burger needs to have bacon. My ATX burger really rocked it with the thick cut bacon perfectly complimenting the glorious hunk of meat known as my hamburger patty. I had never had sauteed jalapenos before and I can’t imagine ever really going back to just pickled. In the end I was a bit sad that I didn’t go ahead and add the fried egg on it. While that would have been way too much food to fit in my belly, I think it would have kicked it up that extra notch.

Shaun, of course, went for The Wake-Up Call (if you have been keeping up, he orders anything with a fried egg on it) and he ate his faster than mine – although it may have been because I was gabbing about how delicious they were. All the ingredients were fantastic individually and worked together perfectly. He would order it again (and those are some big words).

We are already excited about heading back to this food truck in the future as their menu is quite extensive. I know Shaun was eyeing the lamb, and I’m dying to try one of those meat and veggie kabobs.

Score: 4.5 out of 5
Cost: $18.50
Ordered: 2 burgers and an order of waffle fries
Favorite thing: Their extensive menu of wood fired grilled items.
Least favorite thing: It is quite a trek for most Austinites.
Type of food: BURGERS!!!! (And everything grilled.)

The truck we visited can normally be found here:

9 thoughts on “Food Truck Friday: Stonehouse Wood Fire Grill”

  1. Oh man you have to take me to get the Wakeup. I also love fried egg on things, especially burgers and green enchiladas. The people here in SA look at me wierd when I ask about enchiladas montadas.

  2. Hey Austin, We are moving Stonehouse Grill Food Trailer by end month to our new N austin spot at 13187 N 183, Austin 78729 off the N183 Frontage Rd on the right before you get to Main Event. So come check out the newest Food Trailer Park in North Austin for great food, BYOB, and fun!!

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