Bogota, Colombia
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Burned Out? Rained Out? Welcome to Bogota, Colombia

I’m not sure what it was - either I was depressed or the gloomy, cold, rainy weather of Bogota was making my soul shrivel a bit. Don’t get me wrong, Bogota is a pretty cool city with lots of things to do and see... if you can get past the whole weather thing. After spending… Continue reading Burned Out? Rained Out? Welcome to Bogota, Colombia

Graffiti in Medellin
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Girls and Graffiti in Medellin, Colombia

One of the really cool things I learned about while Couchsurfing in Medellin is that the application of paint on public spaces (graffiti) is not illegal. Graffiti in Medellin has lead to an explosion of colorful art, but I think when you are allowed to do it, you have more competition that promotes prettier art… Continue reading Girls and Graffiti in Medellin, Colombia

The Bus to Bogota
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Photo Friday: The Road to Bogota

Did we ever tell you that we are planning to bus all the way down to the southern most tip of Argentina? I have seen some of the most amazing sights just starting out the window. The bus to Bogota changed how we viewed transportation. Plastered to the window I couldn't stop snapping. As we… Continue reading Photo Friday: The Road to Bogota

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Medellin, You Changed EVERYTHING

I felt like I was going to puke. My travel nerves were at full force that day - something I hadn’t really experienced since Mexico. I was a pro at this. Why was I feeling so shitty? “You’re already missing them.” Shaun’s replied. And you know what? He was right. Our travels have taken a… Continue reading Medellin, You Changed EVERYTHING

mud volcano
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Playing With Mud in Colombia – Our Mud Volcano!

Mudpies and mud volcanoes. Much to my mother’s chagrin, I would bust out the backdoor with wild hair and bare feet every time it rained in dry El Paso, Texas and furiously rip up the back yard to appreciate this simple kid’s delight. Never in my life did I imagine I was going to be… Continue reading Playing With Mud in Colombia – Our Mud Volcano!

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Photo Essay: Cartagena, Colombia

Even though we went through some craziness with Cartagena, the city will hold a special place in my heart. We spent most of our days with our friends from the Santana crew exploring the Old City and taking in the warm energy that takes over. There is something about the air, the energy, and the… Continue reading Photo Essay: Cartagena, Colombia

cartagena independence
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Crazy Cartagena Independence: Colombia

***Please pardon the pictures as all were taken on an iPhone 3G. No good camera should be taken out during festivities like these.*** I had no clue that we were sailing into one of the biggest celebrations that Cartagena has seen in a long long time. Cartagena independence. We somehow accidentally scheduled our catamaran trip… Continue reading Crazy Cartagena Independence: Colombia

Sailing to Colombia
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Sailing to Colombia on the High Seas

I always have had a sneaky suspicion that I was a pirate in a past life. Sure, my obsession may have started with One Eyed Willy from The Goonies, but that is besides the point. Sailing to Colombia was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I learned that I’m truly a… Continue reading Sailing to Colombia on the High Seas