Torchy's Tacos
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Hometown Tourism: Torchy’s Tacos

Torchy's Tacos
Creative Commons by Kimberly Varderman on flickr

“What food truck should I go to?!”

Somehow, over the last few months, we’ve turned into Austin ambassadors online. After 16 years of living here, I’m just happy that I can pass on the information. If you ever need any information on Austin, always feel free to hit us up. We have loads of things to do! Or even check out our Hometown Tourism series on Austin.

And so when Runaway Juno and Bohemian Traveler came our way (we had just seen them at TBEX in Keystone!), our natural inclination was to take them to one of the original food trucks in Austin – Torchy’s Tacos. Not only are they are huge success story, but an official Austin establishment. These guys now have multiple Torchy’s in actual buildings around the city – AND there is always a wait!

Cute as a button!

These, by NO MEANS, are authentic Mexican tacos. These, my friends, are TEXMEX.

Take southern food, add a dash of Mexican, and top it off with loads of cheese, sour cream, and fry it.

My favorite?

The Democrat: Some of the best barbacoa I’ve had in my life. Make sure to slather it with their awesome tomatillo sauce and lots of lime.

Shaun’s favorite?

The Trailer Park: A flour tortilla with a fried chicken tender and goodies. Make sure to order it extra trashy and they will knock off the veggies and slather it in queso.

Did someone say queso?

Queso: NO. Not just plain old cheese in Spanish. And here, in Texas, you pronounce it “Kay-So”. Think bad Spanish. When you say it badly, you are referring to chile con queso.

“a Mexican dip of melted cheese flavored with mild green chiles, served with tortilla chips or raw vegetables” per

They rock it. HARD. With cojita cheese and a dash of habanero.

It is what dreams are made of. Hearty, fat dreams. NOMNOMNOM

Have you been to Austin? What is YOUR favorite food truck?

Happy Erica and Shaun.

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    1. I’ve had that argument so many times. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even consider TexMex remotely Mexican – and I’m okay with that.

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