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Travel Photography Friday – Wall in Santo Domingo Cathedral, Oaxaca

While the outside of the cathedral can be quite deceiving, I was blown away by the light that entered this holy place. For .00000005 seconds I thought about how cool it would be to be a Catholic. The wall in Santo Domingo Cathedral is just stunning.

Santo Domingo Cathedral, Oaxaca, Mexico

20 thoughts on “Travel Photography Friday – Wall in Santo Domingo Cathedral, Oaxaca”

    1. @Andi: HAHA! It would still make an interesting place to go to church. It could keep you entertained for hours looking at all the details!

    1. @Christy: I’m just like – wow, what a different way to experience religion. I’m not religious by any means but still… it is interesting. 😀

  1. Beautiful photo! It’s so ornate. I felt the same way about the Vatican. It was so beautiful and opulent that at first I thought I might be missing out on something…but that feeling quickly passed 🙂

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