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Bond Street: Discovering Subculture in Buenos Aires


BondStreetTattoos-19Being tattooed and traveling has definitely been a mixed bag. I did get quite a few looks being a tattooed Latina (they REALLY had no clue what to do with me) and Shaun got asked it he was a rock star a few times in Central America.

But everything changed when we hit Argentina.

No more looks.

No more gawking.

No more evil eyes.

It was like… we were back at home. We were – dare I say it? – NORMAL.

And, please keep in mind that this is in major metropolitan areas. If you head out to the campo it is whole different experience.

One of our goals during our trip was to get tattooed in Buenos Aires and our time was quickly running out. After scouring the internet for a few weeks we were starting to lose hope. All the online portfolios I had seen were disappointing. Seriously.

And then Shaun found a place. It was supposed to be in this location called Bond Street. A little confused we headed in that direction to Bond Street which was actually on Santa Fe 1670. How that worked – we were about to find out.


A 30 minute walk later (we were cheap asses by this point), we found what we were looking for… and it was a bit odd to say the least.


We had stumbled upon an entire shopping mall for alternative lifestyles.


A little hesitant, we slowly walked in.


So THIS is what Hot Topic would look like for adults.


THREE FLOORS of tattoo shops, head shops, spray paint sales, skateboards, piercing shops, rockabilly and goth boutique stores… I walked into a small bit of heaven.

A little dirty (like the rest of Buenos Aires), this place definitely had character. I had never felt so much like a niche market in my life – and Iā€™m still confused on whether this was a positive or negative thing.


And here we found our place to get tattooed… but more on that on Wednesday…



13 thoughts on “Bond Street: Discovering Subculture in Buenos Aires”

  1. It’s always nice to find your own little slice of heaven when you’re traveling. I can’t wait to see pictures of the tattoos!

  2. Every time I read that you think Buenos Aires is dirty I get so sad. I can understand certain sections being dirty, but to say “the rest” and imply that ALL of the city is, is heartbreaking to read. You must not have traveled to all of the barrios right? Anyway, I think it’s awesome that you got tattooed there, can’t wait to see what you got!

    1. I’m sorry lady! I don’t mean it to be spiteful or to make you sad. It makes me sad that I make you sad!

      I traveled quite a few barrios while we were there – each very different but I think the trash just got under my skin. I’m sure most people had a more positive experience.


  3. This brings back the memories! I used to hang out at Galeria Bond Street when I was studying abroad in Buenos Aires. I was in a really random fashion show there and went to the same tattoo parlor you visited! Good to see it is still going strong 10 years later šŸ™‚

    1. Ooh! A fashion show there would have been so cool! Was it local or a big name?

      These guys are doing so well. I don’t think they will be have any financial troubles any time soon.

      1. It was an amateur fashion show with real people as models– erring on the side of eccentric šŸ˜‰ I had a bit of a look back then and was an extranjera so I was asked to join. It was showcasing stores in the mall, if I recall correctly. Good times!

    1. I’m glad Shaun did his research. We wouldn’t have found it without him. I know Stephanie from The Travel Chica had mentioned it but didn’t remember where it was.

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