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Video: Vlog 4 – Boxed Wine in Buenos Aires

Yes. It had to be done.

In the land of amazing wines we felt the need to experience the lowest of the low.

*Boxed wine.*

All of you have done it. Whether it be a crazy backpacker night out, or a fancy dinner where you passed off boxed as “divine” (not sure HOW but yeah, you get the point), we have all been there.

22 thoughts on “Video: Vlog 4 – Boxed Wine in Buenos Aires”

  1. haha. drop some shots of fernet and that wine would b divine. loving the background music. we’re going home next week but we’re going to be in mendoza and back in BA. we’ll find that wine! haha.

  2. I’ve never heard of $2 box of wine! Looks…interesting but sad it wasn’t AWESOME. We need some good $2 wine! Wait, don’t we all?

        1. Usually bottle! The box ones are mostly used for sangria, in a disguised fruity taste!

  3. No, all of us have not done it. Maybe I should have put a boxed wine in the mix when I did my blind wine tasting last year with Ayngelina, Rease, and some of our other friends.

  4. I almost feel like you were committing a sin by drinking cheap cheap wine in Argentina haha!

  5. Damn you China! How is you blocking my watching of people drink swill boxed wine actually helping communism!?


    Did you at least remember to take the bags out of the boxes and inflate them to use as post drinking pillows? Little trick we learned in OZ. πŸ˜‰

    1. That is a damn shame Greg!

      The interesting thing about the boxed wine is that it has no bag. It comes straight out of the box like boxed milk. Would have loved the pillows though.

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