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Bringing in the New Year in Cedar Key

New Years Cedar Key-11

What makes a good New Years?

If you would have asked me this question in my early twenties, I think my answer would have been vastly different.

Enter the confetti debacle. Shaun still gets an angry look on his face and it was almost 10 years ago.

“No confetti.”

This meant “yes confetti”, as far as I was concerned. Our roommate was excited as well and 2 votes beats 1, right?

Then invite 30 people, have an indescribable amount of booze, party hats, favors, music… and well, confetti at the stroke of midnight.

Did I mention this was indoors?

We were picking out confetti from our furniture for years to come. Every time we come home from a trip we throw things out of our storage. I have to admit that I get scared that I’ll find a little memento from that night. I’ll never hear the end of it if I do.


But now my priorities have changed. I think I would have a good New Years if we were watching the grass grow… with good company and a few beers… and in a new place because we’re obsessed with travel. (And a pony. A unicorn pony. A unicorn pony that is friends with a narwhal!)

Cedar Key New Years
Brian and Maria

And that is just what we did this year – minus the unicorn ponies and watching the grass grow – good company and a few beers in a new place.

Cedar Key New Years
Tracy and Sam (Burning Man friends!)


The night was so much fun. We got to watch another one of those amazing Cedar Key sunsets while munching on some freshly-grilled hamburgers with Maria and Brian (our very awesome hosts). The night started out at the neighborhood RV bar, the Hideaway Tiki Bar, and moseyed on over to the neighboring RV park.

New Years Cedar Key
Cutest bar EVER!

New Years Cedar Key-3

Our music was pumping, the energy was high, and the beer never ran low. The firepit was perfect for the cold, chilly night (Crazy RIGHT? We head to Florida and it is freaking COLD.). We had our cards read in an RV the size of a small, well-dressed New York apartment. The sparklers came out early in which I insisted on doing ballet moves with them. Cherie did her amazingness when she wowed us with her poi and LED nunchuk show. Hugs were shared at midnight and I felt so lucky that I got to spend this important time with my Burner friends and newer friends, Brian and Maria.

New Years Cedar Key-8

New Years Cedar Key-14

Side note: If you think it’s weird to say that I am proud to have spent New Years in an RV park, you need to meet this amazing and diverse group of people. They all come from different backgrounds and are changing the face of RVing as you know it. This is the world of NuRVing!

New Years Cedar Key-4

While it was a bit different than our crazy night in Montanita, I’m just glad that I got to reflect on the fact that we are still living the dream. We are still on the road. And most of all, we are still looking forward to our upcoming adventures and visiting friends here and abroad.

We are so ready to take on 2013.

New Years Cedar Key-10

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  1. Awesome pics! I’m so glad you two could make it down to Cedar Key and spend New Year’s with us. Keep up the hard work and we’ll see down the road. On-on!

  2. Yay! Love the pics and post. So glad we were able to ring in the New Year together! Here’s to many more meetings on down the road. On On!!

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