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Sunset Obsession in Cedar Key, Florida


Yes, I understand that the world of the interwebz is overflowing with pretty pictures of sunsets. But how can it not be? When we stop enjoying the small wonders and beauty of the world, it will become wasted… and we can’t let a good sunset go to waste now can we?

If you haven’t noticed ‘round these parts, we are sunset people. I don’t do mornings. I don’t take pictures of sunrises. If you want to see a sunrise picture, pretend my sunset pictures are coming from the east. It has to be a very special occasion for me the get up before the butt crack of dawn.

I’ve started a tradition this past year. I’m making sure to photograph the last sunset of the year every year on Over Yonderlust. It started in 2011 in Montanita, Ecuador and continued into 2012 in Cedar Key, Florida. While being in Ecuador was EPIC, nothing can compare to the show-stopper that Cedar Kay produced in the sky on New Years Eve.

It was like we got our own special show. In a matter of 20 minutes we experienced 5 different sunsets, each with their own color palette and highlighting a different part of the sky. I’ve never seen anything like it before.

My hands were shaking and my legs were trembling as a photogasm set in.

Pinks, purples, blues… I didn’t know the sky could be PURPLE. How did I miss this?

Great. Now the bar has been raised.

I finally understood what all my friends were raving about in Florida. Their Instagram pictures were beautiful, but didn’t give them enough credit.

They really do have the best sunsets.
Now to somehow make sure we are always out of town somewhere where clouds don’t exist during New Year’s Eve… I’m determined to find out where we can go to keep raising the bar.









29 thoughts on “Sunset Obsession in Cedar Key, Florida”

  1. Sunsets! I miss them so much – I’m usually stuck inside working while the sun is putting on a show outside! I plan to see A LOT of sunsets come March time, though!

    As for Florida, one of my friends always shares photos that his dad takes in their backyard – his family lives in Boca Raton. The colours are amazing – magentas, crimsons, tangerines and fuchsias! Love your shots here, too – and what a cool tradition! I may have to steal it from you.

    1. It was hard to pick which ones to show because I had like 40 pictures of sunsets! But it is funny – some people are just predisposed to certain times of the day!

  2. I’m so glad you two were both able to join us for New Years. Hearing the legends of the Cedar Key sunsets is never the same as experiencing them for yourself. Pictures usually dont give it the full justice as it is a limited view but your pics sure do look incredible! 🙂 I love the way they transform throughout the night.

    Excited to see where the 2014 New Years pic will be taken… maybe I should start taking bets… do I see Asia in your future??? Hmmm… we will have to wait and see!

  3. Wow! That really is a stunner. I am with you… when we stop taking joy in the little things like sunsets, why are we even living?

    Love your NYE tradition!

    1. YES! Shaun asked me the other day. “Do you think we will ever look over sunsets like they are no big deal?” and I just shouted back, “I HOPE NOT!”

    1. I didn’t know! I feel like I was out of the loop on that one. Although I imagine having albums upon albums of sunset pics if I lived there.

  4. Beautiful! I have to say that I think Chile has some really great sunsets (partially thanks to the pollution, but oh well)…and they’re visible from my balcony. Juuust saying 🙂

  5. Imagine seeing an alligator jumping out the water while taking the pic…it would have been EPIC! Or probably the look in your face would have been just as cool 😉 Happy 2013 Erica and Shaun…will you be heading South this year?

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