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Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have some amazing plans this weekend!

There is this rad round up going around that I couldn’t help but participate in. Lash of Lash World Tour (who I seriously think is my doppelganger of sorts with the same haircuts, colors, and piercings) is putting together the best 12 posts of 2012!

While we have done a 2012 year in review, I thought it would be awesome to discover other categories and links that didn’t make the review.

Welcome to 2012 and our Travel Bloggers Best Dozen. [incoming thing in which I’m dating myself..]

The 12 Categories:

1. Most popular: Into the Unknown: The Bolivian Amazon really took the top spot this year almost doubling the traffic on the next one. I can see why though. It is one of my favorite experiences and photo sets. I still swoon about the Amazon.

Bolivian Amazon
This is Shaun petting a live Caiman. No thank you. I like my arms.

2. Most helpful travel tip: We Went Chasing Waterfalls in Iceland, and yes, the title is there to get the wonderfully annoying song in your head – sorry! Even though it was posted late in the year, this round up of waterfalls to check out in Iceland took the cake!


3. A post that was surprisingly successful: Omaha, Nebraska: Well, that was one hell of a surprise! Apparently an Omahan (Omahanian?, Omahaite?, person from Omaha?) found my rare, positive review and it went viral… in Omaha. It brought in the most unique visitors we had ever had on Over Yonderlust in one day. So Omaha, cheers to you!

4. A post you thought was under-rated: Albeit a bit nerdy, Shaun rocks the tech support with Travel Tech Tips: Resolve that DNS. He even made a webcomic for it.

5. Most controversial: Texas vs. Argentina: The Beef Off. Quite a few people from my home state did not take my Argentine steak praise lightly.

6. Most amusing: Oh yeah, that is soooooooo Argentina. While people are generally laughing at our expense, the whole mail debacle was worth a chuckle… now.

7. The post you’re most proud of: Overcoming my fear of heights and jumping off a bridge in Banos, Ecuador – Episode 19 – Puenting: Banos, Ecuador

See my fear?

8. Best travel story or perspective: While this one wasn’t too incredibly popular, I still thought it made a great story – White Knuckles and Seal Poop: The Great Snowstorm. We almost died (not really)!


9. Best travel adventure: Scuba Diving in Silfra – Diving in glacial waters in Iceland between a tectonic plate. ‘Nuf said.

HALP. Dry suits are interesting!
HALP. Dry suits are interesting!

10. Best cultural perspectives or insights: Lord of the Rings Inspiration in East Iceland, Chicken Sh*t Bingo at Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon, or Carnaval on a Budget: Oruro, Bolivia.

Oruro Carnaval-35

11. Most beautiful: This is such a hard category to pick from a photographer’s perspective… so I’m adding a couple (and by a couple, 4): Photo Friday: Icelandic Horses, Takin’ the Long Way: Road Trippin’ with SAD Cars, Slice of Life: Guy Fawkes Day and last but not least, Love in Florence on the Bridge of Gold. So sue me. I have 4. It would be like asking me to pick my favorite pet. Not fair.


12. Best photo or photo gallery: Stumbling on Virgin de la Candelaria Celebrations in Puno, Peru. The colors, the people, the energy – stays with me. The other “best” photo is of Bossy the Llama in Embracing Cliche in Machu Picchu.

After creating more than 150 blog posts last year, this is what I came up with. Doing this roundup was one of the most difficult things EVER. Seriously, how do you pick? Do these inspire you to travel? What were your favorite Over Yonderlust moments from last year?

…and I’m passing on the torch to the following 5 blogs.

1. D Travels ‘Round
2. Beers&Beans
3. Finding the Universe
4. Runaway Juno
5. 1 Dad 1 Kid

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    1. That one is getting framed for our “Italy picture”. We’re sappy and get 8x10s of all the countries we have visited. Our wall is about to be covered!

  1. Seems like you had a good year. The look on your face as you are about to jump off that bridge is classic. Well done for doing it!

    1. Hey Wil! The dry suit experience was definitely an… interesting one. It kept me warm as can be except for my cheeks and my hands (my gloves were ill-fitted). I had no issues except the major one of trying to dive in a dry suit for the first time.

  2. great and varied selection! what a fabulous year you’ve had! am hoping to go to iceland next year- will definitely use your experiences as a reference! 🙂

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